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15 December 2016 09:52
I think lot of people come here without knowledge of blender, so this tuto is very appreciated
Great work !
05 December 2016 10:11

Can you check the file panel?
Verify the path for blend4web is correct.
01 December 2016 11:09

I will explain what i do.
Before the update, i export my projects with the project manager.
I create a new folder with the Blend4Web update
I change the folder settings in blender.
I Re-import my projects via project manager
30 November 2016 18:24

It's very simple.
On your html page, just add a button
And with the method of your choice you have to catch the click and do action

Javascript in main blend4web function

function changeColor(){
m_mat.set_diffuse_color('objectName', 'materialName',0.047,0.047,0.047);


<p id="dfgdgdfgdf" onclick="changeColor()">Click to change color.</p>
<div id="main_canvas_container"></div>
23 November 2016 22:16
support for Cycles materials ? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
21 November 2016 09:09

Maybe shape keys
18 November 2016 13:43
quite busy, but will work on it this week end
17 November 2016 13:02
hope this bug will be resolved soon. It's quite important
17 November 2016 01:42
my git account : marshallus
16 November 2016 19:02
hi, good job.
I can help if you need for code, or traduction (French)

I play chess too - average 1900 elo