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18 February 2016 17:55
in the js did the trick :p
I was thinking that without putting the quality parameter in the js it will be the same defined in blender menus of the scene.
18 February 2016 17:29
I finally reproduce the issue
.blend attached

I thnink there's something i'm doing wrongly
17 February 2016 11:50

I realised an object and as i was working with big zoom, i didn't notice the aliasing.
I activate full anti-aliasing (AA quality high) and Anisotropic 16X…..

Any idea?????

17 February 2016 10:13
i create a new project and can't reproduce the issue.
16 February 2016 17:14
i finally found, i don't know if it's a bug, i have to put the DiffuseInt of the material inside the node to 0.5 instead of 0.8
16 February 2016 16:35
sorry i will explain me better.
I set a cube in blender with a diffuse color an another with a node color.
When i set the same color on the node color, the render is different

I'm doing something wrong… I checked diffuse entisity etc…. Everything the same…

16 February 2016 12:12
Example if put the Hexa color on the cube on the right, you can see the difference.

16 February 2016 11:19

I just discovered your framework and i can say it's good.
As i'm trying to understand the logic, i make a simple scene and i want to change cube color via node.
I have RGB value that i want for the cube.

Can't make it work, color are rendered but color is wrong
Maybe light problem???

Thanks, sorry for my low level english



m_objets.set_nodemat_rgb("cube", ["Material","monRGB"], couleur1,couleur2,couleur3);