User posts Nils Austa
30 March 2017 10:35
I would like to add timeout reload functionality to my project.
It is an art exhibition situation where many people watch the same thing from touchscreen.
When camera panning is enabled, previous user can end so that the object is off.
What code and where to put to get timeout reload?
09 February 2017 23:13
I found that one things makes selection and other things for 4K screen better.
It's User Preferences/System/Virtual Pixel Mode: Double
15 December 2016 13:52
Sometimes I need to show/hide a lot of objects.
So I'd like an option to hide all objects that are parented to main object.
06 December 2016 13:21
I mean like google earth search.,67.7124648,7844572m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
There are predefined places(annotations or object names) and after typeing in a name, camera goes there or an object is highlighted.
25 November 2016 11:37
I think Blender itself needs some development. It is not just about "do not export", but setting any property for multiple objects at once.
Currently it is possible by selecting objects and then ALT-clicking a property to set it for all. But it only works when "Emulate 3 button mouse" is turned of from User Preferences.
I wish I could keep ALT-clicking for scene rotation and somehow still to be able to set any property for multiple objects.
08 November 2016 22:44
I would like to achieve a piano finish efect on some items. That's basically a layer of wood texture, then 1-2mm thick layer of laquer and then high gloss layer. Any ideas welcome.
10 October 2016 09:11
I counted the pixels. Mouse cursor must be 32 or less pixels away from a vertex to make it selected. It is quite all right with 2K or less screens. But it is very small space with 4k screen.
05 October 2016 20:17
I just tried out editing with new 2.78. Compared to earlier version now I have to right-click a vertex much more close than before to select it.
Is there any settings to adjust to make it function as before?
08 September 2016 09:53

It worked when I replaced corresponding line in webplayer.html

I also tried iframe version to keep the url simpler.
This way the image does not appear in FB post.
Is there a way in this case without actually putting visible image into my hubble.html?
07 September 2016 10:26
I would like to share in Facebook some stuff I made with Blend4Web.

Currently it shows just a link and no image which is not attractive.
An option to add an image to Blend4Web output in Facebook readable form would be nice.