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16 September 2015 20:43
Alright. Good to know. I need all of them to get the shape, but maybe I can use shape keys on the mesh instead. Anyhow, let me keep experimenting. The material on the last export was good in Chrome but still bad in Safari by the way. Thanks again for your advice!
16 September 2015 16:45
Thanks again Mikhail - I thought I clicked off but maybe not :)
16 September 2015 15:32
Hi Mikhail

Thank you for the fast response. The answers were helpful, but the animation is still very slow - about 1 frame every 2 seconds . It will take me some time to navigate through all the boxes that should be checked and unchecked on various panels - I'm hoping that it becomes more streamlined with time, because it is actually a very cool tool you guys have built here. Another issue at the moment is that it pauses for a long time on 97% when loading.

I checked off ambient occlusion and motion blur to try and speed things up. In Chrome I then got a white background with fuzzy blue outlines where the mesh should be. I clicked AO back on and then Safari gave me what you see in the attached image . Any idea why this could be happening?

But hey - we are almost at a minor victory . What else can I do to speed up the animation, besides decimating the poly-count?

I am attaching the updated project file as well, in case you would like to take a look. I'll deal with the logic nodes a little later.

Thanks again for the assistance

16 September 2015 13:36

I'm using the Add-On and it would be awesome once I can get some things to work better than Sketchfab. In the attached project I have Torus that should roll in on itself. Bone "A" in the Armature has a bone constraint that copies the rotation of a non-deform bone "ROLL" and subsequent bones copy the previous one (B copies A, C copies B etc - all the way to X). I have checked everything that I could (checked "default animation", baked the NLA), and still the animation doesn't work. And it is slowwww on my iMac (Safari and Chrome).

I also have a bone (SpikeScaler) that is driven by an object (BUTTON) to scale the radial bones (A1-6 etc.). Button should be selectable but it doesn't highlight and I can't move it. I have checked "Force Dynamic Object". Now I admit it could be that I'm missing something on this one, like game logic nodes or something - but please point me in the right direction.

For now it would be a minor victory if the animation will play.



20 August 2015 17:24

I used the quick install for a couple of days and everything went smoothly and so I decided to install the SDK. Everything is working well, except that when I run the SDK and the local file is supposed to run in the browser I get a 404. I have tried both Safari and Chrome and I have allowed local file access on Safari using the steps provided in the documentation. I tried for Chrome, but the terminal bash line yields a "No such file or directory", so I left it alone. I am using the latest SDK, which has a "scripts" folder, but not a "blender-scripts" folder. Anyhow, I simply want to see the way in which the materials were done for the sports car so I can emulate it, but it would also be cool to have the SDK working as intended (although not critical as I can still export HTML)