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12 October 2015 13:52
Oh! Don't know how that happened! But thank you so much for the answer Mikhail. I will check it. I love Blend4Web and a lot of people are getting excited about the potential. Excellent work and great support. Thank you very much
12 October 2015 11:56
Hi Mikhail, I'm using Blender 2.76 RC2 and Blend4Web 15.09. Just to clarify, there is a crescent of palms that are mesh objects (which I wish to replace) and then the particles should give me 4 rows of palms on the ramp up to the building - those are the ones that are not showing up. Anyhow I just downloaded the 2.76 official release. Maybe that works (although all my computers are tied up for a couple of days now on a project, so I'll check when one is free and let you know). My thanks also to Pavel - I appended his water plane to quickly show a client while I wait for the bug fix on that :) Thanks for your reply!
10 October 2015 22:44
Hiya. I did a particle instance as per the user guide, but it is not showing up in the HTML - the object is "Palm_Plane" and I'm using calm on it. It shows up nicely in Blender but doesn't export. It also gave me a serious error message when I exported it once, but I didn't take a screen-shot so that's a moot point - if it happens again I will post it. I have done everything I know I should, but knowing Blend4Web I may just be missing a checkbox somewhere. Could you please check and give me a shout?
09 October 2015 17:07
Yay! I like when I trip things up! LOL. That is my contribution to the development process :)

Thanks for the workaround! I'll try it out. And thanks very much for the Wind advice.

09 October 2015 15:47
Hi Pavel. Thank you for the reply. The files are attached. I see the generated waves, which is great, but I think my confusion comes from this image in the documentation -

As you can see in my example, the world is filled with water, has a weird texture and discolours everything :)
09 October 2015 03:14
Hi Pavel. Thanks very much. I downloaded it and I will check it out. I have a slightly different question, which may also help Shamusboy in his quest for liquid glory. The documentation speaks of normal maps - but how do I bake these? Shore map I found easily, but is there a secret button to bake the waves based on the settings in the materials tab? I could bake from an ocean modifier, but that seems to defeat the purpose. Also, I am making a scene with a patch of ocean and everything looks like it is underwater. I flipped the water plane's normals (although it was fine) and still the same.
08 October 2015 12:14
I would love to see this as well, and it would be an even greater game-changer for Blend4Web (applause) and for the Blender community. I found this:

Excited to see where this leads!
30 September 2015 12:41

Zakaro did a thing a couple of days ago ( which is very cool. I'm trying to do almost the same thing with a car, but I would like to change the material's reflection value so that the car paint can go from glossy to matte or vice versa. My question is, can I have multiple materials (one glossy material and one matte material) in the shader node tree and blend between these by animating the value node? (I tried this and it creates an NLA, but won't play either automatically or by using the logic editor)

Alternatively - i.e. if I can use only one material node - could you please provide me with a better explanation of how the B4W_REFLECT node works? I assume I can then just adjust the reflectivity value.I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the Vector Inputs or how to connect that to my material to get a result - it just ends up black and dead .

Thanks for the help!

23 September 2015 10:35
Thanks Mikhail

I was starting to wonder what was going on. I played around a bit last night, using different methods, and nothing made sense. Anyhow, glad it is getting addressed and looking forward to the update
22 September 2015 13:00
Hi Mikhail

Me again :) I am now at the stage where the Node-based Logic Editor makes no logical sense to me :) I am attaching the blend file and the exported html. What I wish to see is that the torus rolls automatically, then when selected it plays the spike animation and when selected again it plays the dimple animation. Currently the torus comes up static, then plays the roll when selected and then nothing after that.

The page you sent the last time doesn't help to explain anything, really - it really needs more detailed explanation of the function of the nodes and examples of what the node does (visually or actively - the words don't mean a thing).

Finally, I have checked outlining, but I don't particularly want the object to remain outlined - how do I set it up so that the outline comes up and then goes away?

One last thing - I have seen some scripting solutions to make objects auto-rotate, but there doesn't seem to be anything in the add-on version. Is this correct or is there some checkbox somewhere? (I am not able to get the SDK to run properly so I have stuck with the add-on, which is also enough for what I want to do right now)

Thanks in advance for your help