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11 March 2020 02:29
Sweet thanks Blend4Life,

and looks like I also had to turn on the alpha button in the material node's B4W Properties, is that right?

09 March 2020 03:29

sorry i'm still a bit confused.

I can get the alpha animating (see my file here ) with B4W nodes…

But how do I edit the nodes to work using PBR nodes? ie in my screenshot if I swap the Blend4web Material node to the PBR node and then back into the Output node it doesn't work.
07 March 2020 14:22
Sorry no that is a Cycles render but I just want a stream line process, so maybe if I change the question slightly to…

What would be the best process to offer my architectural clients the ability to have the following (hopefully using the same lighting and material settings to best utilise my time)?

High res still/animation renders
Have a Interactive Web version
And a VR version (both mobile or higher end devices)
06 March 2020 08:05
Thanks for that Blend4Life.

Is there anyway of using the PBR process?

ie i've set mine up this way but I don't think it's correct…

04 March 2020 02:21
Hi there I’m thinking of changing my workflow for architectural rendering…


1) Model in blender
2) Texture in Substance or Mixer
3) Render in UE4
4) Export using blend4web/Verge3d

Now 1) and 2) are all good but if my aim is to use UE4 to render high quality images or animations plus the added bonus of setting it up for VR is it possible to have the baked UE4 scene reimported into Blender so that I can export it out through blend4web to have a fairly high quality interactive web option for my clients as well?

Thanks in advance.
05 February 2020 04:05
Ok I work for a university as a multimedia graphic designer creating resources for academics. We have one project where we've scanned a real brain along with photos of other brains that has been sliced into segments.

We want to make this a interactive web 3d model for our students and was wondering what the best way would be to do that when the slices will be in all three XY & Z axis, ie (as a simple example, since i cant show that actual files im working on for privacy reasons, the brain is a pink sphere, orange planes are where the photographed slices would be, but we'd need to remove one side of the brain so you could see those photos, hope that makes sense) ….

So just trying to work out what the most efficient way to do this.

So just thinking if we had a transparent material mixed with the brain material and use a mask to mix the two to hide the brain part we dont want to show.

Does that make sense?
04 February 2020 01:13
Yeah that was my fall back plan of cutting the Sphere up.

Just wondering if there were other options before I do that.

Does masking with materials work?
03 February 2020 08:37
29 January 2020 04:40
Hi there, quick question,

can you animate a cube with a boolean modifier cutting away at say a sphere, like so…

if it's moving from the right to the left?

Example 2.79 file is here…

If not is there any other way of doing it with say materials, etc?
05 October 2017 07:39
Any ideas?