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17 January 2018 17:42
ahh that would be why then

Thank you very much Konstatin as always you guys are amazing

kindest regards
17 January 2018 15:56
Hi again everyone,
I have tried to use the principled shader with three textures in the same structure as you showed for the new pbr support and I get nothing. It renders fine in cycles and I can preview the render and again its fine in cycles. I'm using blender 2.79 and the new blend4web v17.12.0
I've uploaded the file and corrisponding texture images if you could take a look and let me know what im getting wrong that would be fantastic.
Thanks for all the help and support, this is one of the main reasons I love blend4web so much.
Kindest regards
17 January 2018 15:54
that is fantastic thank you for the file and explanaition.
You guys are really doing a great job and I love the possibilities of your product.
Kindest regards
15 January 2018 17:15
Hi everyone,
I have been working through the fps tutorials and concepts to look at moving the camera through a scene. I just wanted to know is it possible to use this technique to travel through a round cylinder with open ends.
I tried but the collision settings when cylinder or box are selected are for a solid shape with an internal volume. I would need the cylinder volume to be empty space that the user can pass through and the cylinder edges to become the walls that the character collides with when detected.

ANy thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Kindest regards
16 July 2017 15:55
hi everyone,
i noticed this post and wondered if you could let me know what you did to make blend4web html export work using webvr on the samsung gear with my samsung s7.
I have downloaded the oculus softwear onto my phone. I also now have samsungs own internet vr.
Changed the flag in samsungs internet app to support webvr and then also installed cardboard.
However so far when I load my html file onto the phone and put it in full screen all I get is a blank black screen subdivided into two sections.
This file works perfectly when I view it without the webvr switched on and for all of about 1 second i do see something before it goes black but not sure what it is.

Any ideas you may have for possible solution to this would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards
20 April 2017 14:50
Hi everyone,
I just noticed that when I created a duplicate of a working project.
If I made any changes in the new duplicated blender scene (added new object) and saved both the blender file and exported to assets the json and bin file, that no new object appeared in the preview.
I have subsequently tried to make the change on the original blender scene in the original project folder and now the object appears on both projects.
Clearly the duplicated project seems to still be referring to the original bin, json etc files.

Is this something that others have spotted or have you amended this is a new update?

many thanks
18 April 2017 13:20
Hi Luke,
I have just been working on a project that uses custom anchors.js.
This file is called separately from the blend4web frameworkjs from the within the head of html file

<script type="text/javascript" src="CSAapp-anchors.js"></script>

All 3d content is placed within a div "main_canvas_container" on the html using the custom anchors js which is part of the custom anchors source files available from blend4web.

this code demonstrates where the scene is added to the div in the js file

var APP_ASSETS_PATH = m_cfg.get_assets_path("CSAapp-anchors");

exports.init = function() {
canvas_container_id: "main_canvas_container",
callback: init_cb,
physics_enabled: false,
show_fps: false,
alpha: false,
autoresize: true,
assets_dds_available: false,
assets_min50_available: false,
console_verbose: true

function init_cb(canvas_elem, success) {
if (!success) {
console.log("b4w init failure");

// "Custom Element" anchor requires predefined HTML element
// which need to be created before data load


function load_cb(data_id) {

The scene is exported using the json export and placed in the assets folder and then any and all interactions are controlled from the blend4web logic tree. with this methodology I could hide/show the anchors similar to pop-up windows and play animations when objects where clicked.

Anyway just thought this may help
Good luck with your project
10 April 2017 14:36
Hi blend4web team,
thanks again for the great product and all the amazing people who support the forum. I cant say how great it has been experimenting with your framework.
One thing that I do find awkward when creating large node trees is that when I add a new node into the middle of the tree, I find that nodes both to the left and right of the addition move .
This throws out the visual tree structure and I then spend extra time cleaning it all up again.
Would it not be better to lock everything to the left of the addition and only move nodes on the right further to the right.
I know this may sound simple and could be difficult to implement.
Just a thought

and thanks again
10 April 2017 14:20
thank you very much and to everyone else for their thoughts and input, that worked a treat.

Kindest regards
07 April 2017 17:08
Hi Ivan,
thank you for your suggestion. I am using the custom-anchor code snippet which is linked to an empty anchor.
These anchors are shown/hidden from within the node tree of the 3d scene and only load once.
which is why i think they keep the scroll position as they are never kiled or re-opened.
this is why I was looking for some way of creating an event listener to see when these divs were "hidden" and when this returns true set a function to reset the scrolltop: 0;

thanks for the thought though, this is a tough one for me to find a solution