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25 March 2017 12:31
Hi everyone,
I hope you can help. I've tried to use the custom archers snippet and created a new project from this. I have replaced the original blend file with my own and placed all textures in the asset folder that was created.

This all works beautifully when I preview it via the project manager but as soon as I build the app and then deploy, I get all the files including the new compressed textures but when I upload the source files and link to the HTML page, I get the screen and functionality but none of the textures display.
I have tried everything I can think of to make it work but no luck.
Can anyone help please, it is so frustrating.
Many thanks for any guidance provided
23 March 2017 18:46
Wonderful cant wait to see it.
Just wanted to say that you guys are doing a fantastic job with the blend4web framework.
its a great piece of kit and I look forward to the new developments
22 March 2017 23:42
Hi everyone,
I had a thought that the hide and show node functions could be extended to allow you to add multiple objects to the single node, similar to the way we add extra switches in the select switch node.
I've just been doing a project with lots of objects that all need to be shown and hidden at the same time and it would really tidy up the logic tree to be able to call multiple objects on the same node.
Just a suggestion
22 March 2017 01:48
HI everyone,
I am trying to use the custom anchors code snippet from the apps development but every time I use my own blend files it doesnt load the textures even if I deploy them using the blend4web project manager. I use the original custom_anchor.html to call the project json and custom_anchors.js files which load fine but none of my textures show up.
I have checked their pathway and when using the deploy I get the usual "515ff37c36996a0f39fa2502c003ca29.png" pathway and the files are in the same folder as the html and json files.
When I try using this same file using the "Iframe"webplayer/load json method it loads the textures fine but then custom anchors script doesnt work correctly.
If you could guide me on how I can make these textures load up correctly using the custom anchors app or how I could add the custom anchors script to the iframe and make it work, that would be wonderful.

Many thanks in advance
kindest regards
03 March 2017 20:22
Hi Roman,
thanks for answering so quickly, clearly i wasnt clear with my description of the file structure.
please take a look at the attached image and let me know what the iframe should be.
the webplayer would obviously be in the webplayer folder.

Kindest regard and thank you so much for the continued help
03 March 2017 16:23
Hi there,
I have a scene that I have exported as a json file.
when I follow the tutorials to create the index file to link to the webplayer and my scene I get nothing.
I know its an addressing issue but I just cant seem to make it work.

Structure is:
App folder/ ???.json
- webplayer/webplayer.html

The json file is in the top level of the app folder but the below iframe link neither loads the webplayer or the scene.

<iframe allowfullscreen src="../webplayer/webplayer.html?load=./????.json" width="800" height="500"></iframe>

its very frustrating because the html export is perfect but I want to use custom meta tags and therefore need to be able to access the json file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

kindest regards
24 February 2017 21:13
many thanks rezatehranian
is it possible to remove the icons from the bottom right of the player?
I really do not need these

kindest regards
24 February 2017 13:09
Hi blend4web,
i am sure you've been asked this a thousand times but i am a bit lost.
I have created a blend4web app using logic for buttons to play animations and hide show objects.
This all works perfectly with the html export, but I wanted to deploy this using the json option, however when I do this I have no html index file and no support for the logic.
When I followed the basic code from the user manual, it obviously still didn't support all the beautiful interaction and logic I have created with your system.
Is there not a simple way to deploy using the json option and still get a ready to use html with all the correct call backs for the logic.

Any help would be fantastic

Kindest regards
18 February 2017 17:48
Hi blend4web,
thanks for the great framework.
I have been trying to use the meta tags using an empty and then hiding and showing them to make them pop-up when a button is pressed, this all work perfectly.
The only issue I am finding is that all these empties are visible from the beginning of the scene, even when I select "hidden" on the rendering properties of the object.
This function seemingly works perfectly on all other objects except the empty with metatags.
I have to place hide commands at the beginning of the scene load to re-hide them even if the "Hidden" render properties has been selected .
Can you take a look and see if this is a bug and hopefully fix it.
kindest regards
05 April 2016 00:34
Thank you Mikhail, really appreciate the help.
So simple when you know how.

Kindest regards