Capri Blog Issue 2. Flower Pots


In this video tutorial you can see the entire process of production and preparation of 3D models for the Capri project. This video shows everything from high-poly modeling, uv-mapping and procedural texturing, to adding a json file to the list of the Blend4Web viewer.

The video was made while working on a small set of flower pots for the terraces and is given as is. It's pretty long because we haven't cut anything out of the video, and so you can see how we find better ways to prepare the content, deal with errors and its fixes, "undos", model corrections, etc.

In this video you can find examples of:

  • the usage of modifiers to facilitate the modeling process,
  • the creation of UV-maps for high-poly models,
  • procedural texturing of high-poly models,
  • the retopology or low-poly models creation,
  • creation of texture atlas for low-poly models,
  • baking diffuse, specular and normal maps,
  • preparing scenes, models, setting up the material and textures for the engine,
  • the addition of a json file to the Blend4Web viewer list,
  • debugging a model after export to the engine.

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