Capri Blog Issue 5. Trees in the Wind


Rough vegetation near the ruins.

There is nothing better than an explanation of something with a specific example. This article continues the explanation of the Wind Bending effect settings. You will be able to see an additional explanation, which (we hope) will be exhaustive on this topic.

The Italian pine - Pinus Pinea.

In the next video, you will learn the easiest way to configure the Wind Bending effect based on the example of a small pine. Textures and materials were prepared in advance according to the example which you can see in one of the previous articles of this blog.

Bougainvillea wrapped around columns.

In the last video of this topic you will be able to see a more complex configuration of the Wind Bending effect with the involvement of all its settings and advanced configuration of the particle system for the groups of leaves and flowers swaying in the example of Bougainvillea flowers.

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