Christmas Contest!


Hello everyone! This year is coming to an end - and we want to do something interesting and new to make it memorable! So we decided to have a contest with a prize pool of $1000! The contest will run from December 8 until January 10, so it will accompany the Christmas and New Year's celebrations, and on January 13 - the Old New Year in Russia - we will process all the entries and publish the winning results! Also, for the winners it'll be a pleasant beginning of a new year ;)

The theme is original, of course: the Christmas and New Year holidays! The rules are on the contest page. We wish you all good luck! And happy holidays!

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15 jan. 2016 02:29
congratulations to all the winners, these are some fun entries!
12 dec. 2020 03:42
Cool contest Karen

Wonders who will get what

This otta be amazing
I cant wait to see all the results.

And yes ones in the MAFIA when will you decide to
change my avvy to something more fitting?
Come on, you are both certinly creative Cough, Cough Hint, Hint
20 dec. 2021 23:55
Nice topic, love it and going to use materials of the thread in my essay, going to order it at so it going to be great if someone would share more info on the topic
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