Making a Soffit


This article is about the particle system. We want to visualize a volumetric lighting effect which is caused by little particles suspended in the air. We'll only describe the setting up of a particle system.

For the particle system we need an emitter - so lets create a simple triangular plane.

Then we create a particle system for this object and proceed to setup.

The behavior of the particle system can be influenced by a texture. For now only a Blend texture is supported for this purpose.

The material for the billboards of the dust cloud is very simple and has the following settings:

The dust texture in the material:

Environment settings are minimal.

Link to the interactive scene

You can find the source blend file in the following directory: blend4web/blender/tutorials/basic/soffit/.


[2014-04-29] Initial release.

[2015-09-07] Screenshots were updated because of the new interface.

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