Made in Me: Online Shoe Customizer


Made in Me is a company based in Spain that specializes in selling women's shoes designed by the clients themselves. They can design shoes in the powerful 3D customizer on the company website. With this awesome configurator a visitor can create her own model of footwear and assign stylish materials from an extensive catalog to various parts of the shoes.

Unlike numerous 2D and pseudo 3D customizers which can be found on websites of footwear manufacturers (for example Nike, Adidas, etc), this web application is based on WebGL - a modern technology for rendering 3D graphics in web browsers. Thanks to this technology, a buyer can observe all details of particular interest to her from all sides with zoom right on the web page. The surfaces of a model are realistically shaded when rotated and thereby provide a buyer with an authentic feel of how the shoe materials actually look.

The customizer is integrated with an online store and calculates price each time a change is made in a model. The client can make a purchase right after the design is complete or save the design and return to it later.

This web service is a wonderful use-case where modern browser technologies are used to facilitate online sales. We are glad to see that the developers of this unique web application chose the Blend4Web engine as a basis for their customizer. Expect more great Internet projects powered by Blend4Web in the near future!

26 jun. 2016 09:34
This is a great use of your software. I do industrial design, and have some intended use cases that would be very similar to this. I would love to see something like this in one of your documentation examples . . .
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