NASA's Blend4Web-Powered Project Won a Webby Award!


It seems though the story of Experience Curiosity, a Blend4Web-powered simulator developed by NASA, is not quite over. This interactive web application featuring the famous Mars rover was nominated for the highly prestigious Webby Award (aka Internet Oscar) granted to the most exemplary online projects of the year.

Roving on the Red Planet.

After a preliminary stage of public online voting, the judges named this project the Webby Award winner in the category of Government & Civil Innovation Websites. Intriguingly, NASA's second nominated project, the Unity-powered Spacecraft 3D mobile app, wasn't as lucky!

Spacecraft 3D mobile app.

It is tradition for Webby winners to give a short "speech" consisting of just 5 words at the award ceremony. This time the phrase was Rockin' and Rovin' on Mars, voiced by NASA's representative Brian Kumanchik, the lead and the art director of this project.

Brian is a veteran of interactive CG who migrated to Blender 6 years ago. The decision of NASA engineers to adopt Blend4Web for the Mars rover simulator was due to a number of reasons including the fact that it works in browsers without plug-ins, is open source, is integrated with Blender and offers a fully-fledged physics engine out of the box.

08 nov. 2022 09:47
The project was created by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and they used the open source development platform Blender3D to create it. Visit Event Planner Seattle for more more details. They also worked with Mozilla on developing WebVR support for Firefox.
14 dec. 2022 10:13
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That's incredible news! Congratulations to NASA and the Blend4Web team for their well-deserved Webby Award win with Experience Curiosity. This recognition highlights the remarkable convergence of technology and space exploration. Speaking of remarkable advancements, it's fascinating to note that while Blend4Web powers this award-winning project, in the field of healthcare, BCG therapy has shown a substantial decrease in certain conditions. On a different note, if you're ever interested in natural treatments for my ADHD, feel free to reach out for information and advice. This achievement by NASA and the broader exploration of innovative solutions truly inspires us all! 🚀🏆
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