Chevrolet 3D Car Configurator


A General Motors authorized dealer in the United Arab Emirates has placed a functional Chevrolet Camaro 3D configurator on its website. The application blends into the web page seamlessly and significantly improves both informational value and visual appeal of the car presentation.

This high-quality presentation allows users to view the car from different angles using pre-defined camera settings as well as manual controls. Elegant and smooth camera movements along with the depth of field effect help to all aspects of the vehicle in exceptional and realistic 3D quality.

Visually, the presentation is executed at a very high level, utilizing Blend4Web Material Library. The glass, metal and plastic of the bodywork, rubber on the tires and reflections have all been reproduced with the utmost precision to give a true representation of the original car in high-quality 3D.

The body color can be changed at will by selecting one of the eight presets. Each one of these presets controls not only the color, but the level of polish on the metal as well. Take a look at the picture below that distinctly shows a mosaic material.

The developers have also implemented the following features: you can change all aspects of the wheels, alter the lights on the car and even take a look inside the salon. The 360-degree viewing option gives you an opportunity to make a complete examination of the car’s interior with different color schemes.

For the icing on the cake, there is an option of changing the environment of where the car is viewed. Current available variants ranging from a simple gradient fill to a full urban landscape.

This is not the only 3D car customizer made by the UAE Chevrolet dealer. You can see another 3D presentation here.

This configurator was developed by VisCircle GmbH, our partner agency known for their high-quality 3D web configurators. The team of creative professionals was able to present top car models in all their glory to site visitors and potential customers. This has been made possible by using modern WebGL technology, which is replacing the outdated Flash and limited visual capabilities of simple 2D solutions. Realistic visuals, powerful capabilities for creating interactivity and platform independence are the cutting edge of future technology, and the Blend4Web framework is its most prominent representative.

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