Blend4Web-Powered Project Won a Red Dot Award!


Another Blend4Web-based project won a prestigious prize! Some time ago the interactive application Experience Curiosity by NASA earned a Webby prize. Today we are proud to announce that the amazing Everest Panorama has received a Red Dot Award in the category of Communication Design!

Red Dot Design Award dates back to the year 1955. It is granted by the European institution Design Zentrum for outstanding achievements it the field of industrial design. The best works are showcased in the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany.

The Everest Panorama project is a unique fusion of modern web technologies that seamlessly blend multimedia features with 3D environment, Yandex.Maps (a Google Maps equivalent) and panoramic pictures. It tells a story of exhausting, yet fascinating journey of a group of mountain climbers to the summit of Mount Everest.

This splendid 3D presentation opens a door to a mysterious world of snowy Himalayan mountains, where the visitor of the website can follow the path of the mountain climbers. Lots of colorful panoramic photos shot during the journey are put to use here to achieve an effect of being present on the spot. The application also features a unique 3D map for fast travel between the stages of the path.

3D technology on modern websites is not just a fashion statement anymore. It is an opportunity to present the features of your project in a most favorable light. And each award rightfully earned by Blend4Web-powered projects is a proof of this.

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