Bug Reports

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incorrect delta on safari on mac
tp_up 2 283 sophiarobin
B4W failed to load resource - SAFARI
drago_spaziale 1 124 drago_spaziale
screenshot not working in ie11 / edge
tp_up 5 949 maria247
Blend4Web player freezed in smartphones with GPU MALI-T830/880
Breten 2 402 Breten
Images are being mapped on incorrectly
somerandomguy83 4 304 somerandomguy83
Preview both in project manager and fast preview stuck at compling
somerandomguy83 5 412 somerandomguy83
replace_image of world texture returns "not found" error if Env. Lighting is disabled
Blend4Life 2 461 VFirstov
Can not run call back in cam_anim.rotate_camera with correct time when assign to 0 in arraignment
y-shimada 1 286 y-shimada
canvas texture doumentation outdated
tp_up 1 335 tp_up
css minimizer / compiler problem with calc()
tp_up 3 519 tp_up
cam.getfov not responding to window resize
tp_up 3 503 tp_up
parallax incompatible with cycles nodes
tp_up 9 1098 Blend4Life
Material/Texture/UV Wrap Flip
shivacharles 2 487 Juani
first character control + speaker on = fast preview crashed
lecouturier 37 5889 brie3
camera.target_set_distance jitter issue
tp_up 1 436 tp_up
downloaded .zip cannot be opened by windows
tp_up 3 1029 sarahjones
B4W cannot read GZIP files created with its own module
Blend4Life 1 447 Blend4Life
error & freeze if entrypoint is repeated before finshing
tp_up 2 591 Blend4Life
Glow Materials not working at all in 18.05
hacaro 2 588 hacaro
Mobile compatibility
ELSEdesigner3 5 1302 joe9804
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