Bug Reports

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project manager distribute error msg blend4web 18
xkamin 1 425 xkamin
Mobile issues on Chrome version 57.0.2987.133
jonathanclark 16 6170 xkamin
Current B4W Version Number
Daniel Klepel 2 466 Alexander Romanov
[Moved] Странное поведение движка в P_ULTRA режиме на мобильных браузерах !
Objects are upside-down when loading dynamically
Brett Kromkamp 2 472 Brett Kromkamp
Problem building project
Marcos Calvi 17 2040 Alexander Romanov
Missing Replace Texture Callback on Success
Daniel Klepel 2 670 Alexander Romanov
ipad freezes
Maus 5 926 Maus
PBR & Reflections
ELSEdesigner3 2 739 Konstantin Khomyakov
AO sopt working when have 3 or 4 lights
pakirrote 2 688 Konstantin Khomyakov
App templates not available for 'webplayer json' project
hacaro 5 826 hacaro
Addon is not compatible with "Windows x64" platform.
trepaning 21 8161 The_Moye
What are the different results of the same scene?
pqcjlove 2 534 Nikita Korneev
Release candidate bug with run entry point
MAZ-ZILLA 2 737 Alexander Romanov
No active scene available
Juani 1 440 Juani
Logic Nodes Transform Object 17.10
v3ny 2 761 Alexander Romanov
not working on 58.0.0329.83 version of chrome on mobile
ez2rfc 11 2384 NicolasCharmel
Addon not run
Euvgen 4 974 Alexander Romanov
Project HTML won't Run
rischiharry 16 2075 mauro
Node Material with "Value" Node as Particle Material => ERROR
Spartan117 2 613 Ivan Lyubovnikov
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