Bug Reports

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Problem loading scenes on 16.08 update
Marcos Calvi 4 1288 hpi3D
Fast preview exports objects on hidden layers
gandalf3 3 1288 gandalf3
memory leak on Firefox
hpi3D 4 1264 HotGoblins
alert in firefox when submitting post
LukeVideo 4 1128 LukeVideo
no search bar in firefox
LukeVideo 3 998 LukeVideo
Fast preview appears to export the first scene alphabetically, rather than the active scene.
gandalf3 1 682 gandalf3
Firefox crash with .json
HotGoblins 13 2604 martial
[Moved] * 16.09.2 Веб плйер зависает на 45% и в консоли пишет ошибку
Materials missmatch 16.01 vs 16.08/09
Aludev 4 1027 Aludev
Error when put quality to "m_cfg.P_LOW or 1" in b4w 16.8.0
pakirrote 3 1184 Yuri Kovelenov
change_image() affects all scenes loaded from the same origin
skarvis 2 895 Ivan Lyubovnikov
Cm browser crashes on android
LoicNorgeot 3 1614 LoicNorgeot
Firefox load scene but Chromium doesn't
NicolasCharmel 9 2472 Yuri Kovelenov
Css styles lost images
Marcos Calvi 3 970 Marcos Calvi
"Import Images As Planes" AddOn does not work with blend4web
Nils Austa 3 1164 Yuri Kovelenov
B4W 16.06 - Performance Issue
Daniel Klepel 6 1738 Konstantin Khomyakov
B4W ERROR: No aspect ratio - Default cube scene
Brett Kromkamp 5 2021 Brett Kromkamp
martial 8 1994 Ivan Lyubovnikov
[SOLVED] Flick canvas when ipad tap screen
pakirrote 3 743 Ivan Lyubovnikov
compile ERROR - Cannot read /var/folders/dc/.../tmp..js with advanced flag
pakirrote 1 677 pakirrote
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