Bug Reports

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JDK Compile problems on OSX
Charlie 5 2670 Will Welker
hmd position and quat sensors are "dead" on Nexus 5
AtttilaVM 1 1261 AtttilaVM
Problem with 2 video textures using the same video file
donalffons 6 2914 Will Welker
[Closed] Principled BSDF not available in Node Menu: Shift+A then Shader. Not in menu
Yuri Kovelenov 1 1750 Yuri Kovelenov
WebGL error on Google Chrome
liyao252 5 2910 liyao252
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_physics' of undefined
sciremedia 3 2260 Ivan Lyubovnikov
Omission or bug?
Charlie 6 2834 Will Welker
Unicode File Python Error in
jem 2 1902 Ivan Lyubovnikov
Possible Physics Bug
Will Welker 2 2410 Roman Sementsov
Unable to find files after build
trepaning 8 4029 Will Welker
Material List Empty (get_materials_names)
Herod2k 9 4221 Herod2k
VR Project
Will Welker 2 2378 Kirill Osipov
Array of lamps 3 2634 Ivan Lyubovnikov
Mirrored objects error 4 2806
No option to initiate B4W in User Prefs
trepaning 2 2368 trepaning
B4W ERROR: Batch texture can't use renderbuffer (IE 11)
gritchie 2 1697 Roman Sementsov
WebM video texture not working on Android
drewpotter 4 3068 drewpotter
If your old projects don't work when updating to 17.04
Ian Scott 3 2106 Ian Scott
Camera clipping problem with animated objects
print.js:73 B4W ERROR: app.enable_controls() deprecated 7 3896 Roman Sementsov
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