Bug Reports

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SDK with Blender 2.75a Internal Server Error 500
rebit 27 3259 Wintch
It stuck on 46% and not load(Fast Preview and other example files on 16.2.0)
ez2rfc 2 533 Yuri Kovelenov
16.02 link inside annotation does not open web page
Nils Austa 4 544 Dmitry Zhiganov
Falsely reporting(?): "Wrong F-Curve Interpolation Mode"
Mentalist 3 679 Mentalist
Problem with project manager
caracteriel 2 390 Alexander Kovelenov
I try to export mesh object to json to display on webview, put the object scale seem to failed
minhplhl 5 562 minhplhl
Incorrect Colors/Materials in HTML Export
shazoom 2 683 Pavel Kotov
canvas resolution factor(may be..) is not working on safari
ez2rfc 2 455 Alexander Kovelenov
Intermittent response from objects when page goes live
Cluetrekk 2 460 Evgeny Rodygin
Transparent object and problems with their selection
Luigi Verri 3 563 Luigi Verri
WebGL errors
marshallus 5 466 Yuri Kovelenov
Artefact on a simple scene
marshallus 4 497 Yuri Kovelenov
ERROR: NONE isn't supported
Danny Austin 11 1448 Danny Austin
Switch select doesn't work well with a lot of objects
Luigi Verri 6 668 Luigi Verri
Scene stops loading in Fast Viewer...stuck at 97%
Cluetrekk 6 823 Konstantin Khomyakov
no physics supported in html export
sunnix 3 463 sunnix
Zero Dimension with JSON loading
trepaning 3 592 trepaning
Web GL Error On both Chrome and Firefox
helaring 2 1336 Evgeny Rodygin
Move camera nodes ignoring duration settings
plasmaart 3 468 Alexander Romanov
Firefox crashes when blend4web apps are displayed
ToshiCG 8 1085 Alexander Kovelenov
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