Can't install simple Blender Add-on

19 November 2015 12:53
We are currently working on this issue, it's possible that it's somehow locale-dependent.
I think we'll use this topic for further communication:
14 August 2019 17:26
Hello I have the same issue on windows 7 with the last versions blender 2.81 and blend4web 18.05…

Any idea?
15 August 2019 11:13

Currently Blend4Web doesn't support Blender version 2.8.

Kind regards, Blend4Web team
16 August 2019 10:07
Hi thank you for your answer, which version is the last compatible?

Kind regards
16 August 2019 11:34
Blender 2.79b is the latest version compatible with Blend4web.
You can get it following the link:

Best regards, Blend4Web team
18 August 2019 19:49
Thank you very much! it works!
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