SDK with Blender 2.75a Internal Server Error 500

09 August 2015 19:09
Hi again!

There is no log by default but you can enable one: go to SDK_DIR/blender_scripts/addons/blend4web. Replace the file from the attachment below. Then, open Blender with console and try to access the server. It should print the server's log in console. Copy and past it here.

If that does not help to investigate the issue, we could try a TeamViewer solution tomorrow (if you trust us enough ).

Sorry for inconvenience and please keep patience, I think together we can resolve this problem.
10 August 2015 01:35
Hi Alexander, i overwrite the default with your. Now server dont start.

If you can assist my installation i will very appreciate.

How to contact your directly ?

10 August 2015 10:58
Hi, rebit. Can you make sure that the response is from our Tornado server?

This is what you should find in the console:
10 August 2015 11:17
And can you send us what Blender's console tells, when Tornado starts (press "Window -> console" to see it)
10 August 2015 11:56
here, is right , is Tornado.

My env: Windows 8.1 x64, OS lang and browser: pt_BR, no windows firewall. Blender 2.75 and sdk for 2.75

Blender in english.

10 August 2015 14:59
We couldn't reproduce this error. Please let me know when you'll be able to provide us access to your blend4web installation so we could investigate and resolve the issue. Teamviewer solution is OK

Please contact me by email:
11 August 2015 14:33
blender console

11 August 2015 16:52
Hello community, the update !

Roman solved the problem in my machine updating the code and identifying the bug.

Now tornado is up and working, i dont know what Roman changed in the code, because im not a coder. :)

Thanks for all Blend4Web team to help and fix the problem for me.

Excelent and fast professional support !

29 February 2016 06:28
teper u menya eto oshibka vyxodit ) pomogite pls
29 February 2016 07:55
I got the same problem here!

Since this morning, it shows the error

I've checked the Sever(TornadoServer/4.1) and tried to install the file that attached above.

My OS is window 10, blender v2.76 , b4w pro 16.02.

I've installed Teamviewer as well.

Please help me!
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