boolean animation

16 October 2015 11:38
wow awesome I did not know how to use the bones and as I can see it is really important! thank you for the help.

I thought it was a good idea to make the scale effect but as you can see I want to make the paper move as if we move the two scrolls. With the scale effect it is a bit weird and not really what I want.
maybe the boolean can be use to make the two paper sides disappear as the same the as the scrolls move.
16 October 2015 11:54
Here is an easy way to "not to stretch" the texture, but before that - are you planning to rotate the scroll? If not, it'll work. But if you gonna rotate it, there must be more comlex solution.
16 October 2015 11:59
sorry to tell you that but yes the scrolls have to rotate…
16 October 2015 13:00
Here is a workaround. I'd do it another way, but to do it it you need to dig deeply into node materials - which I strongly recommend, btw, because your project seems complicated and you'll need more things to work with. Nodes allows you to do almost everything :) So I'd use global masks as transparency and animate it.

Here is just simple hack - blend type object (Materials -> Transparency -> Alpha Blend) always "eats" add-type object (Materials -> Transparency -> Add) . So I parented blend cubes to the bones and cleared animation from the scroll. Also, I parented all the things so you can rotate all this mechanism by rotating scroll itself. So yeah, it works. Just be sure not to use in the scene others Add - type objects

And I used random texture from CGtextures because you didn't pack yours and I couldn't test everything with unexisted textures :)

untitled (2).blend
16 October 2015 13:21
woooooow awesome that is some kind of tricks you cannot do when you are a beginner like me!!! thank you so much it is truly what I needed!!
19 October 2015 16:38
Hello I would like another advice, I don't know if I have to create a new subject so I post it here for the moment.

I would like to use the logic editor in the same project in order to make the animation when I click on one of the scrolls in the timeline 0-200. Is there an option to activate because when I try it nothing happened. the node editor is working but not this one.
any idea? I have included the project again

Thank you so much
19 October 2015 18:34
Here is a very nice video tutorial exactly about the thing you want to know

You can also play with nodes after that and achieve the result another way - using node "Play Animation" :)
19 October 2015 19:19
There is also a great example in your SDK.
In you Blend4Web root folder, go to blender > interactivity > node_play_anim.blend
When you first open the file it may be set on Material Nodes, so you can switch to Logic Nodes.
It has an open-close type animation that will apply nicely to your scroll.
Also in your NLA view, don't forget to hit that little down arrow to convert you animations into a NLA track (this can bee seen in the video).
20 October 2015 07:47
Thank you the tutorial is interesting and I already watch some tutorials like this one.
I think it is exactly what I want in the exaple node_play_anim.blend but I cannot found the two animations "open" and "close"…
I do not understand? there is no keyframe and I really don't know how does it work…
I would like to play all of the animation(between 0-200) when I click on one of the scroll but all I can do for the moment is to play one of the animations and during all of the time…
20 October 2015 10:26
ok I found it, just a mistake. I will try to do the same.
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