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12 March 2018 16:16
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01 August 2017 17:30
Maybe you can use the API linkto get the translation of camera and object to calculate the distance.
26 July 2017 12:25
OK, it works, Thanks.
26 July 2017 12:04
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Hi berdon,

there's the method set_fps_callback. The callback executes every frame and gives you the actual fps value:
var m_main = require("main");

m_main.set_fps_callback(function(fps_avg, phy_fps_avg) {
    console.log("current fps is", fps_avg);
wow, I get it. Thanks, Ivan. And another question, can the fps be set?
26 July 2017 10:16
OK, thanks, dear Will. Can I get the fps value in the scene? Because I control the bones action with the function
set_bone_tsr_rel(armobj, bone_name, tsr)
, so the speed of action is relative with the fps value.
So I need to know the fps to change the speed of playing.
26 July 2017 05:08
Yes, but I still don't know how to set the fps in B4W, it changes in different devices.
25 July 2017 18:34
Hi, everyone, the default fps in my b4w html is 60, but sometimes the fps may jump to a low value, and when the fps jump to a low value, the bones animation may be played slowly .
So I want to set the fps to a static value, for example 24.
12 July 2017 06:46
Are you in china, we can talk about it in wechat, my ID is LeeSmileEyes