User posts indan
19 June 2017 15:54
Hello there… just trying to understand - how can I help you giving more information?
16 June 2017 13:48
Hi Konstantin Khomyakov - have you got some free time to check the issue?
15 June 2017 15:52
It is mandatory to have in my project

How can we make it work?
15 June 2017 13:16

I tried with the options told by you. Developed this project. Can you please have a look and advise me - what i am doing wrong here?
I want to show one html page in one of the planes in the scene. Attached the project file.
14 June 2017 11:03
I have one request. Can you please help me with changing the uv (any one) with this file? It will be very helpful for me
14 June 2017 10:19
and how do you rotate the image? the text is coming upside down…
14 June 2017 10:12
how do you change the scale? can you please explain a bit?
13 June 2017 17:47
I am trying to have a dynamic picture loaded through api. But can't make it work. Can you please have a look on the blend file and the code? Attached.
13 June 2017 09:53
Thanks man.
13 June 2017 09:36
Do you have the project files?