FK Animation won't load

16 July 2015 14:37
About the sound - as Archimedes said, give me your files and I will fix them! (maybe)
And note - MacOS can be guilty because it doesn't know lots of sound formats

About parenting - yep, it is more "powerful" than animation, and overlaps it, so baking is needed. It is made to increase the performance
16 July 2015 15:07

ok cool, I'll just bake everything then

I attached the soundfile - I was using AAC Audio format, but it wouldn't load in Chrome.. strange. I normally use firefox but I'm not sure if I've got a tool for converting to .ogg format. What kind of magic do you do to the audio file if I may ask?

Cheers, mate.

Edit: not sure if you need the .blend, too, but I added it just in case.
16 July 2015 15:56
Well, looks like Chrome doesn't support this format.. So yeah, converting. Try Audacity, I believe it must work on every platform
16 July 2015 16:14
I've tried .ogg in Chrome and Firefox now and AAC+MP3 in Chrome, but no luck. I'm getting the feeling that I'm missing some obvious option again. I've set the speaker to 'apply default animation' but that doesn't change anything either

strange, because it says in the manual:

Supported formats (containers):
• ogg, Vorbis codec (Chrome, Firefox)
• mp3 (Chrome, Safari)
• mp4, AAC codec (Chrome, Safari)

16 July 2015 16:50
Hmm… It's an interesting situation. Chrome is actually supposed to support it, but something goes wrong. We'll dig into it and find what's the matter
16 July 2015 17:32
I just got it working with mp3 in chrome, thanks! But it only seems to work with the 'positional sound' and 'background sound' settings - background music isn't working for me..

background sound is good enough for me though, although having stereo audio would be even cooler

Edit: I'm glad I got it working in Chrome, now I'm wondering why .ogg won't work in Firefox, no matter which mode the speaker is set to. My firefox is up to date also..
As long as I've got it running in Chrome everything is fine for me, I just wanted to let you know there might be an issue with .ogg and Firefox Cheers!
16 July 2015 17:56
It's good to know But we'll dig into it anyway to know what happened.

Hmm, try to open this file in Firefox - it's with your sound I converted to .ogg

16 July 2015 17:59
One more quick question, though^^

I'd be surprised if there was a solution for this, but I'll ask anyway:

The alpha mask setup for revealing objects that you showed me works great, as long as the object is upright.
But if I rotate the object the alpha mask obviously 'cuts off' the top of the object horizontally.
Do you know of any way to achieve a kind of 'diagonal' reveal, like the left text in the following pic ? I'm guessing the answer is no, which is fine, I'm just curious I'll just scale the text instead of 'revealing' it, in that case.

Thanks again
16 July 2015 18:01
In response to your .html: sadly I'm getting no sound from that file either
Same result as when I exported it myself.. thanks for trying though
16 July 2015 18:33
Nodes magic!

Unwrap the letters, looking from the front (like on the shot) - unwrap from view, then change "orange old set" to the "new green" - so it won't take global coordinates - it will take UV coordinates instead

Then everything you'll need - to animate the value properly one more time :)
Blend file just in case-

As about sounds - tell us please your OS and versions of browsers you're using
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