FK Animation won't load

16 March 2016 22:48
Hey guys, me again.

Got a pretty similar problem to the one in my last post, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with trying to parent an object to my armature. I've already tried the fixes from your last (in that case very helpful) answer, like clearing the parent inverse matrix and parenting to a bone that has the 'deform' box ticked.
Could you help me out here and take a quick look at my file? I'll also add the .html, so you can see how the drumsticks are just randomly glitching around..

Thanks so much folks,

18 March 2016 12:16
Hello again!

Why did you place him way off the centre? Is it necessary? If not - it's always better to to keep it in the centre while working with animation.

Well, there is a bug, yes, we'll try to fix it to the release. But the workaround with your scene right now could be a pain.

You need to move everything to the center, to move all origins (except of the drum sticks) to the center as well, to make everything size 1 (you'll need to Alt+s on armature and S->100 on all meshes), and after that.. Well, connect drum sticks to the hands (select stick, select hands, ctrl+j) and just paint weight for needed bones on both of them. That'll do it. Hope it's understandable

And the bug is (we think) when the boone has weight on it AND a mesh just parented to it without Armature modificator. Something like that, I'm not very much into bug stuff :)
18 March 2016 18:28
Hey, thanks for your help =)

So there's no way of parenting an animated object to an armature at the moment? Strange, cause that's pretty much what I did in another scene - I'll attach the .html (guitar_parented.html). Here the guitar is parented to the hand and its animation works nevertheless (it's out of synch though -.-). Any idea why it might work in this case?

In the drummer's scene I've also got animation on the left hand's drumstick - I'll try your approach and make an extra bone for the drumstick that I can then animate.. kind of clumsy but maybe it'll work :D

If you've got any other/better ideas, hit me

Thanks man!
21 March 2016 11:17
In some cases it will work, but in the extreme cases (for example sticks are moving VERY fast in some moments) the bug will show itself. So, thank you for helping us finding the bug!

You actually don't need to add a new bone - just assign the stick to the old one using armature and weights, not only parenting to bone. That must do the trick.

Good luck!
06 April 2016 00:51

I've run into something that doesn't seem to make any sense to me, but it's probably just a simple thing that I'm missing as usual.
I've got an environment map loaded in my scene and the lighting works fine for objects that I create in the scene, but stuff that I append from other scenes always shows up after exporting as if it had a highly reflective , chrome style material, even when there is no material on the object at all.. this is really confusing.

I'll attach a .blend and .html of a simple scene to demonstrate the problem, if you could take a quick look at it that'd be awesome My project is slowly taking shape, I think it's going to be pretty cool
06 April 2016 10:56
Look at the example here in SDK: blend4web/blender/environment/sky_texture

You'll need to blur the texture manually. Yes, it's kinda tricky system, we'll ease it in the future. But for now if you want environment texture to be used as background AND as an environment lighting, you need to use two textures: the sharp one (for the world) and the blurred one (for the lighting), just like in the sku_texture example
19 May 2016 23:25
Hey guys,

I'm just wondering if there is any way to get some mist going in a different colour than the sky, while using the procedural sky option. The procedural sun does not react to the mist, I suppose this cannot be set up any other way? That would be really cool!


20 May 2016 17:11
Right now it's not possible, but next release (after a month) we'll make this feature work
20 May 2016 18:08
awesome, thanks =)
09 June 2016 21:27
Hey there,

I recently uploaded the website for my band that I built in Blend4Web, it's not quite perfect yet, but I think it's looking quite cool already, maybe take a look if you like ;)

The Menu to the right works, although one sometimes needs a couple of attempts at clicking on the words, for some reason. A different animation and camera ride is triggered by each of the words. I stole and tweaked your water texture by the way, Pavel :D
Let me know what you think :)

I've got another couple of questions, also:
1) I want to make a portfolio page in B4W now, and thought that it would be awesome if the content would follow the users cursor automatically, similar to this page here:
Is there an easy way of doing something like this in B4W?

2) I'd like to host the page with an addon for dropbox called DropPages. It uses 'markdown' to convert text files to html and somehow I haven't been able to host the band website through this. I basically just changed the .html into a .txt and uploaded that, but it didn't work properly…
with an approx. 2MB test file it did kind of work, but the B4W webplayer was displayed as a really small window/frame, and when trying to upload the large (ca. 40mb) final scene it wouldn't work at all - any ideas on how this could be done?

Thanks a bunch and kind regards!

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