FK Animation won't load

10 November 2015 11:09
Hello one more time! :)

Heh, sweet

Here's the thing: if you just want the scene on the background with maybe some interactivity made on visual logic, like here or here, it's not harder than making single 2D page :) Well, considering you have your B4W scene working

But if you're making an application with lots of interactivity like this or this, it will be more complicated. But still managable

Good luck anyways! :)
10 November 2015 14:05

I'm not looking for a lot of interactivity really.
Do you know of any specific tutorials that you could recommend for getting into this?

10 November 2015 16:42
Here is a good one, it's about making your scene the background.

And he has more nice tutorials, I recommend to watch them, because there's a lot of new things in our engine, and Will explains lots of them

Also look here, it might help as well :)
10 November 2015 19:42
Awesome, thanks.
His page is already pretty much what I'm going for, only that I would also want to have the viewer to be able control the camera panning.

11 November 2015 11:32
Alright, just don't place elements above your scene then, so interaction will be avaliable :) Or you can tweak CSS so it will pass the clicks through :) You gonna need need pointer-events rule then.

Looking forward to see how it'll look like!
03 January 2016 19:59
Hey there, happy new year =)

Could you maybe give me a hint about how I could make the camera depend on the cursor position in a scene like Will's 'Hello World' project?

Thanks a bunch!

Will (another one :D )
04 January 2016 00:23

I think it's just the camera animation there. If you need something more interactive you need to write your own code which handles mousemove event and moves camera accordingly.
05 January 2016 13:37
Thanks, Alexander, that's good to know!

One more thing..

I've been trying for ages now to get another animation of mine running in html, a similar one to the drummer from the beginning of this thread. The thing I can't work out for the life of me is how to get the animation of the guitar to export properly. It is parented to an animated figure and has a little bit of rotational animation going on.
But when I export the scene, the guitar's orientation changes completely - I have no idea why it's doing that.
I've attached the scene (guitar_parented.blend) to this post - if one of you guys could have a quick look at it, that'd be really great, I'm sure there must be some obvious mistake I'm making.

I've also tried baking the guitar's movement to keyframes, and although the guitar's orientation was fine that way, the figure's animation was now completely out of sync with the guitar's

this is really driving me nuts,

05 January 2016 18:27
I've checked your file and found two issues with the guitar:

First, it has a negative scale on it which is not supported well by our engine.
And second and more important is the issue with the Parent Inverse matrix. This internal matrix must be cleared before doing any animation on parented objects. To do so select your guitar and press alt-p. In the popup dialog select "Clear Parent Inverse". This will damage your animation so you'll need to fix it right after this operation is applied.
05 January 2016 20:01
Thanks man, I'll check that out right now. You guys rock!
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