boolean animation

16 October 2015 07:00
Hello everybody,
I am new on blend4web so I would like to have an advice . I am using blender 2.76 with the add-on blend4web.

I have an animation and I try to export a modifier boolean with the operation difference. It works well on blender but when I export it in HTML the operation is not working.

There is another way to do what I want which is to use a keyframe scale in only one direction which seems to work on blender but not when I export it.

Is that because it is not done in the HTML export? is there another way to scale an object in one direction which is available in HTML export?

Thank you in advance for the time to answer me.
Have a good day everyone
16 October 2015 08:08
Hi seb, nice to meet you.
Can you attach your .blend file? You can use the "Attach" button in the lower right corner.
16 October 2015 09:08
nice to meet you Will!

no worries I put the two examples I talk about. I have 2 distinct problems with the two cubes as I explain before it is the scale and the modifier.

Thank you
16 October 2015 09:47
Hi Seb,

I think I read somewhere that scaling is uniform only ( no separate axis scaling is currently supported ).

I can think of some sample scenarios where I would want single axis scaling, maybe the Blend4Web devs can confirm that it's uniform scaling only and if they plan to change it in the future.

I'm not personally aware of any WebGL optimisation for having this, maybe their exporter only exports a single scale channel animation to keen file size down, although this would be better handled by detecting if all three scaling channels are the same in the exporter, and only then exporting a single channel.
16 October 2015 09:54
You are correct, non uniform scaling is not currently supported however I think they have it in the works. I was thinking that with your scroll, if you planed on having any texture, you might want to mask it rather than scale it? Vertex animation is also possible. As for the modifier, that is above my pay grade, one of the Blend4Web guys will have to address that one. I am sure one will be along shortly
16 October 2015 10:41
Thank you for your quick answers!
I am happy I thought I was crazy

Thank you for your advice Will, I will try it soon an come back

16 October 2015 10:45
Now you've got me trying to figure out how to mask in the Blend4Web engine. I suspect it can be done with layer masking and/or material masking (using material nodes?). I hope to see your project when you get it done!
16 October 2015 10:49
I try to use the layers with a keyframe but it doesn't work…
16 October 2015 11:19
I cleaned your file, you had doubles here. About scaling - it can be done using bones, almost always. So I made bone animation - and now everything works. Also I applied scaling.

untitled (2).blend

We made a scroll in this project using bones and curves
16 October 2015 11:34
And about boolean - what is the final point of using it, what effect you're trying to achieve? Modifiers in dynamic aren't supported, only armature. So here may be some other ways to do it
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