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23 October 2016 17:11
Im a firefox 49 on linux user and every time i submit a post i get a alert window warning me i'm about to leave the page. So i have to click leave page to submit my post. It's not a major bug but just a bit annoying. If i where going back to previous page or clicking any other link i would understand but submit button should just submit. Right?
23 October 2016 17:08
OK perfect !
Thank you very much. I just have to change the logic so that if i press ones on a key the cube will continue to move in that direction every second. In snake the fact that you never stop is crucial to make the game interesting !
23 October 2016 13:07
Great ! I was not sure that would help. I struggle with these manyfolds myself. But the api describes quite well what every argument in the function should be. There is also an example in the documentation that is quit helpful to get an idea of what is going on !

MAYBE ? You could use two manifold with different logics.
something that return true when the key down && not jumping
a second for double jump that returns true only if key down && jumping.
That way your two callbacks can be different if you don't want the exact same jump when you double jump.

Thats only as far as i understand. But thats what i understand from the game tutorial.
22 October 2016 01:43
I'm not sure but there is a part of the manifold that is called logic. It should return True for the callback to trigger. Maybe you can have two True logic outputs from that function.
Something like three states or what 0 can jump return's true state = 1, if state equal 1 returns true again, state = 2. f state equal 2 returns false. When you land state =0 again.
Maybe not the best idea but could probably work.

Best regards
21 October 2016 11:59
Where has the message been answered.

A quel topic fais tu réference?
Au plaisir!
20 October 2016 15:49
Hy all. After a terribly busy week/month/year i finally have a little time. So after a lot of hesitation i chose to work on the Delahaye 135 car.
So good luck everyone and let's do it !
20 October 2016 11:33
Witch one please !
10 October 2016 00:03
Thank you so much. I will check as soon as possible !
21 September 2016 11:34
Can the JS callback be used as a pulse ?

I mean that i have this function called every second i would like it to be part of the mannifold logic to stay in the B4W programming style.

I have this delay function in the logic nodes that triggers a JS callback. I think i want to use that function as a promie for the logic part of the manifold logic. That way the movement could be triggered only every second. Snake stlyle.
18 September 2016 22:06
I guess the easiest way might be to use the project manager. I use default settings i my current project i chose create default files, project bundled and it works fine. If you choose the right option in the Engine Binding Type you can select different options. For example it is possible to remove some buttons or the FPS in the top right corner.
And you get acces to a separate css file in witch you could set the visibility of the buttons you want to remove to hidden or display to none.
Because i guess he problem with tour method is that each time you reexport your project you overright your previous file.

Good luck and please ask for more information if you need. B4W can be a bit confusing