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01 December 2015 12:40
Looking forwards to get into the node!
Great job!
27 November 2015 15:59
I was invited to check out this site
It converts a black and white bump map into a normal map.

So it's definitively going to be a two step process (at least).

Is there any chance bump maps could do it to the node editor? would it be from Blender or Blend4web to do so? I can't figure out who i should ask.
27 November 2015 13:47
Hello. First thank you for the awsome work!

I'm trying to figure out how to generate a normal map.

I try to do it with a black and white UV. Works fine in the texture tab with diplay>geomtry set to 1.

But as everybody seems to be using nodes i thought i would try to do that with a simple node setup.
I can't get it working. I came to the conclusion that i am misunderstanding something in the node settings or it isn't supported yet.

What i do is set nodes like this :

one simple diffuse material color into the color input of final material
then a geometry node with UV into texture node as vector. This texture is the UV that generates displacement when i use texture tab. I try to set normal or color into the normal input of the final material. That's uggly!
Here is a blend

I guess i'm gonna have to use the texture tab and bake the bumpmap into normalmap and then it will go smoothly.