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23 June 2016 11:24
On the polo color configurator you can acces the JS file they use. I think that would be a good example.
Did you take a look? It's a bit complexe but you should be able to find the color related functions quite easaly !
20 June 2016 15:22
The camera target only alows to change where the center of the camera viewport is looking.7
Maybe you could add an option to change the offset of the target relative to the camera.
I mean i would like to target the head of a character but i don't want it to be in the middle off the screen.
Translated in CSS in would be like top: 10%; So that when i zoom out the character would bee full screen. and when i zoom in the head stays on the screen.

Hope i you understand what i mean !
17 June 2016 12:17

Yes, you are right, currently the engine supports only one armature modifier per mesh. That means that you should split the mesh too.
Does that mean i can only have one animation by armature?

EDIT : Obviously not. But i had difficulty baking every actions correctly between Two armatures and different channels. One should really be careful and meticulous when baking each action.
17 June 2016 11:53

Reply to post of user blendd
J'ai fait une vidéo qui expose mon problème.
Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider?
So our friend has made a little video about his questions. Wondering how the lensflare thing is setup. I find it quite obscure my self.
15 June 2016 16:17
De rien.
J'ai l'impression que ton lensflasre est en fait un objet avec une texture quasiment invisible et en plus transparente mais dont on voit les reflexions.

En fait c'est un object qui fait un effet de parralax avec une texture transparente. Mais je ne vois pas comment elle se déplace de sous l'île au ciel

So i am under the impression that the lens flare object has a transparent texture that is hardly visible but that cast reflexion. So what we see isn't the texture of the object but really the reflexion of it.
Is that right?

In fact we see through the lens flare object. But i don't understand how it goes from under the island to way high in the sky????

And now i start the french support !
15 June 2016 10:36
The Island Goes Open Source

Here is another gift for New Year's: the source files of our first demo app called The Island are now included in the free Blend4Web SDK! You'll find the materials for the terrain, sea and waterfall, learn how smoke and splash particles are set up, what is behind the lens flare effect, how animation works and how the trees and other objects are arranged.

From the release notes of B4W 14.12. So i guess you should have a look to the island files for a start.
14 June 2016 14:47

Reply to post of user Mikhail Luzyanin
No, I didn't understand that you didn't bake it in not right way. I mean that I glad that you understand where is the problem was.

It's in our to do list to update and encrease possibilities of animation baker, so we will add this feature in the future.

I know… I don't understand either… Started so many times i kinda got lost between all the files.
Anyway happy it works now!
14 June 2016 13:01

Maybe the bake could do a little check if NLA is enabled. That would of helped
14 June 2016 12:25
I am having issues again.
Mikhail Luzyanin could you give me a little more details on how you bake and convert the files i uploaded. You visibly know about something i don't.
I'm trying my best to bake my Action, the Action_B4W_Baked… Nothing is working for the moment.

I tried with new project with different engine binding types but it still doesn't help. I wish to keep the external method so that i can edit the HTML file.

Back to documentation and tutorials !


How stupid can one be when baking action with NLA not active?????
That 4 days i spend trying to figure what the hell was going on. Well… Never assume your clever enough to master Blender or Blend4Web….

All apologies for the time wasting.
10 June 2016 23:07
Hmm… If i export the HTML from file menu it's OK…. But from project manager all goes wrong.
The thing is that i need my Custom html file and my JS file for that project to work.
When i export HTML even nodes don't work because they call JSCallback… And if i export JS it will over right my Html custom Divs…
I am under the impression something doesn't work with the project manager and all i have put in place. Armature + JS + nodes Callbacks.

Ok i will skip the armature for now. It's time to show my progress and better have a static guy than a totally distorted mesh
I do hope we can find a solution soon !

I tried exporting in HTML and then editing the file with the right script files. But i got a
LukeVideoLowPoly.html:17 Uncaught Error: Module "logic_nodes" not found

So that doesn't work ether.

So later i try again without armature… Works OK but i can't deploy the project. If i open he HTML file i get :
b4w.min.js:662 XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///home/lukevideo/T%C3%A9l%C3%A9chargements/LukeVideoLowPoly/assets/LukeVideoLowPoly/LukeVideoLowPoly.json?t=31052016152546. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

So nothing works tonight!

Now i finished with panicking i realized that if i copy my folder in localhost it works out fine!