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10 June 2016 23:00
I think it might all be stuck in the scope of the b4w.register("LukeVideoLowPoly", function(exports, require) {….
I will try the module require as soon as i can. Thanks for the answer!
10 June 2016 17:09
I'm using B4W 16-05 and Blender2.77a On a 64bit Fedora Linux.

BUT ! I use the project manager. Could that conflict with export?
10 June 2016 16:22
I'm very sorry for the nuisance but i Had to change rigaction and it all went wrong again. I tried to bake the action again but it wont work. Could you please tell me what is wrong.

I am so confused…

09 June 2016 22:25
Oh My GOD ! It works!!!! Thank you so much.

I don't understand what i didn't do correctly but i never got the mesh to load correctly. Now it works perfectly well.
This is amazing thank you!
09 June 2016 17:57
Here you are.
09 June 2016 17:35
The thing is i just applied the rig and it whent wrong. I did no animation on that rig. So i don't unederstand why it is going all so wrong.

I reloaded a backup and applied all modifications before generating rigify but the result is the same.
09 June 2016 17:01
Sure !
09 June 2016 16:25
i just used rigify to rig a character i was hoping to use in my B4W project but to my surprise the result is quite disappointing.
I have no aniamtions or keyframes. Should i bake something?

The quick preview works fine.

Solved by enabling NLA before baking actions…

09 June 2016 12:30
I couldn't resist opening the 2000 topic in the Newbies Question section
So my question is can i create my own modules in JS so that the functions i need to call in Blander could also be called in the web page, from out of the canvas?

I call a function from my app that opens a div on top of my app by removing a class ( with display none). But once the div is open i can't call the function that opened it… It's Undefined in the context of the div.

So is the scope off the JS file private to the canvas where the seen is loaded ?

I was thinking that i might write another JS file and import it as a module in the main JS file created by the project manager and thereby i could probably import it in the HTML file via another JS file that would import it to?

Does that make sense?
08 June 2016 15:39
I promise i didn't flood the forum to achieve that!
I hope i can soon give back all the help i recieved here !