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08 June 2016 10:26
Did you install the SDK?
It would really be easier to use.
07 June 2016 21:41
Well i guess you give it an ID so you can use it like any html object in the DOM. Something like document.getElementById('nameofAnchorID')

I imagine. I'm stuck with my JS callbacks right now. But that's my next move in my project so i hope i can tell you more quickly.
07 June 2016 21:14
I unpluged the miss and the background object from my switch select and it still works…. I added a console log node on one of the objects and on the miss. The first one works great but the miss never answers. I think i found something Buggy!

i hadn't noticed that in my console
[1:1:0607/201842:ERROR:PlatformKeyboardEvent.cpp(117)] Not implemented reached in static PlatformEvent::Modifiers blink::PlatformKeyboardEvent::getCurrentModifierState()

Wich is triggered when i reexport scenes.
07 June 2016 19:45
I am rebuilding my JS callback for the moment and am having a few issues with my CSS calls. As soon as this s good i will try again with a miss.
My callback is the same. It wrks fine with background selected.
If it doesnt work i send you more files.
07 June 2016 16:12
I tried this but my setup doesn't accept JsCallback from a miss… so i have to re-click on the same object to recall the function.

I tried all sort of Technics but a switch select miss never called the function of the JS callback on my machine. Maybe i could add a callback in JS waiting for a event listener waiting for a click event to occur? But i don't know what this would look like…

Have a nice day!

EDIT : Thinking about it… JS callback doesn't trust a Miss. What a Macho !
07 June 2016 12:39
Can one modify the aspect of the anchor with CSS o change the color and font?
07 June 2016 11:41
Thats the one i was thinking of…

What are you trying to do???
I managed to make use of the MANIFOLD one or twice! I might be able to help !
07 June 2016 11:33
Yes of course!
There you go.
You will notice that the first switch select needs every object in the scene.

In my previous attempts i tried to link a miss to the JS callback but it doesn't seem to work.

Sorry pictures don't want to upload. There is the project.
07 June 2016 10:34
I am having trouble toggle the visibility again. I want my div to be hidden if i click again, no matter where. So i tried using the miss condition of my Switch select but nothing seems to happen.

Is the callback linked to an object or a successful click to be triggered?

Found a kind of Hack. It works if i SUCCESSFULLY click on a background object or the main character, not the trigger widget (that really should be a miss in my logic.).

It works because the scene is simple but if i had dozens of objects in the scene to check in a single switch select it wouldn't be very convenient.

Is there a meta object i could call like the screen or viewport? That way as soon as i click anywhere i could call the closing ( toggle ) function.

I am getting there thank you very much for all the effort. Wish i could of made it to the conference

Hopefully next year!
07 June 2016 10:23
Check my topic about that.