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14 December 2017 15:17
sorry for my stupidity.

If i try with a color image, then the image is transparent… and how can i change the cylinder color?
My final goal is to dynamic change color of the cylinder, and image on it.

Thanks for you help
14 December 2017 14:21
almost done thanks.
last detail, i want the texture to keep original color
14 December 2017 12:06
Hi (sry bad english)

first, nice work with blend4web, play with it a little and love it.

As i'm a beginner in blender, i try to achieve a simple task in blend4web
I made an object with transparency (like 0.8). I put a png image on it.

I want the image opaque, and the material transparent. So we can see the other side of the png through the cylinder.

(no need to correct UV, just a test)
07 December 2017 13:27
[EDIT] cache problem
07 December 2017 12:31

Before 17.10, i used to make application like this :

an html file with
<script type="text/javascript" src="b4w.min.js"></script>

an js file with

m_data.load("myfile.json", load_cb, preloader_cb);

can't make it works now, got always a blank page., without specific error, no matter the json file

any idea?
30 November 2017 11:25
Can you attach the blend file?
Sometimes it's better to make geometry line with texture to bypass this problem
28 November 2017 17:46
EDIT : i need to achieve a "FROSTED GLASS" effect on the cup.
28 November 2017 13:39
Hi (sorry for bad english).

I try to make a transparent plastic cup.
I want a result like image i joined, but i'm stuck, i got no clue on what to do to get this kind of transparent texture

Any help?
09 October 2017 10:07
hi, point didn't make any shadow because light is everywhere.
Just add spotlight or sunlight and everything will be ok
29 June 2017 11:08
hi, nice work.

Personnaly i use Jquery (js framework) and read parameters at startup, when change RGB etc…
Less nodes, more code but more flexible.