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23 June 2017 18:27
wow, nice work, will share it
06 February 2017 11:28

I send you the debug link : HERE

Thanks again for you work, very efficient and appreciated.
03 February 2017 11:05

Can you tell us Firefox version and Chrome version?
I have new errors on my projects too since the latest firefox update with the implementation of WebGl2 on it…
02 February 2017 12:35

Since the update of Firefox and the implement of webgl2 on it, one of my project is very slow, with image problem and bug. Image stay present, subliminal powaa!!
Everything is ok on older version of firefox.

An image is better than thousands words, see attachment
12 January 2017 13:03

I would like to create a simple flight simulator, like moving a cube with keyboard in a environnement. (3rd person view).
I'm quite lost to make an object able to fly ^^, and i'm a very beginner with vehicle

Any advice?
30 December 2016 10:44
it's a very major improvement, curiously didn't see it in update note…
19 December 2016 19:19
thanks for reply, quick and understandable.
19 December 2016 18:32
thanks for so quick reply.

Already on High with 16x Anisotropic Filtering 16x
19 December 2016 12:41

I had a problem on a simple scene.
I can see aliasing on a simple object even with ultra quality.

As i work on a more complex scene, i need help to find out wha'ts wrong


PS : you must be very proud of blend4web, very nice work

Blend attached
Screenshot attached
16 December 2016 16:10

can you describe the bug? I use jquery with blend4web without any problem