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03 April 2017 10:38
30 March 2017 11:16

Please use this setup for anchors:

.anchor {
        text-align: center;
        padding:10px 30px;
        border:2px solid black;
        position: absolute;

:display: inline-block sets some offset to the anchors
15 March 2017 16:45
We are continuing sponsoring monthly contest on Reddit, prizes are the same: the winner gets a $20 Amazon gift card ($40 if Blend4Web used) plus the right to announce the next theme.

Theme requirements:
"Really by black and white I mean two contrasting colors, but only two! :) Put emphasis on good lighting and shadows to define a good render."

Everyone is welcome to join and good luck!
15 March 2017 16:19
Продолжаем спонсировать ежемесячный конкурс на реддите, условия те же самые - победитель получает 20$ (или, соответственно, 40$) на покупки на Amazon, плюс право на тему для следующего конкурса.

Тема - черное и белое, автор темы хочет увидеть игру имеено этих двух цветов, либо светотени.

Желаем всем удачи!
10 March 2017 15:12
Hello, welcome to our forum!

I think I've found the issue.

Your objects are delta-scaled. Blend4Web doesn't support delta scale yet. Please make them without using Deltas for the correct behaviour!
10 March 2017 14:37
Oh I see. Yes, for it you need to parent the light source to the camera


10 March 2017 12:15
See the red light on the top right? It means there are some problems with the scene.
While in browser open the console (F12) and look through the log, it will show you the errors. Please attach a screenshot of the console output
10 March 2017 12:12
You mean this kind of behaviour?


09 March 2017 18:43
Here I made a video, quite some time ago

This enables dynamic shadows. You can control its behaviour via Shadows panel under the Render tab.
09 March 2017 18:38
Hi! Welcome to our forum!

I think lines were made using animated nodes.

Here is an example:

I created a rectangular-shaped UV map and used its coordinates to create a mask using some math nodes. Then I animated Value node to make it all work. To see it working in Blender select Viewport -> Update Material Animation in T-panel under Blend4Web tab.
This method can be used in a lot of different effects. I made three examples, play with some nodes to see what they are doing

Hope it helps!