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08 May 2016 02:44
I am really honored you take my issues so seriously!
05 May 2016 22:50
You are making development so interesting! were you inspired by that nodeJS thing to make JS<->node goodness!
Everything i ask for in the forums becomes true! I better use it now !
Thank you so much!!!
28 April 2016 23:53
Hello all. It has been a while, but i am not forgeting you! Don't worry
I did have an issue downloading the last SDK because of my connection that was very slow and failing often before my download was ready. Even if i understand the point of making the examples available i think the SDK is becomming very heavy. Maybe a mini download without the apps in the project manager could be proposed for people like me who work on several computer. At home, at work, on Two different laptops that like 10Go of data every month! Not only the download but the disk usage is very important to.

That would really be great of you. Maybe it's not the priority for the moment. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you fot the good work. Keep it up!

01 April 2016 23:23
OMG ! If Only!
21 March 2016 13:07
So if i understand well. When i need to map a large area i could just check the X and Y of the mouse click and launch a function that would be more efficient than calling pick_object.
In the case for example where i have two navigation objects. If I use viewport alignement they would always be at the same place. so if i determine a max and min X and Y i could simplify my app by checking if i click in a zone on the screen rather than calling pick_object?
Of course it would need a bit of math to recalculate the desired zone according to the viewport size for every device or every time the viewport size changes.
21 March 2016 12:22
i realised that my scene was getting pretty heavy because of text objects. My models are like 150 polygones but the text object with the description is 50 000 or so… I was wondering if by any chance i could use the network node to pick the text in another file in my project. That way i hope to have only one text object with the right text loading in it on demand.
Not shure if this makes sense in the node tree maybe i better do that with JS?

EDIT : I had a look at documentation an IPA. It looks like there isn't much i can do with Text object.
21 March 2016 12:16
Question. When i use the switchselect in the node tree : is it using pick_object under the hood?
21 March 2016 12:14
Problem solved by un-checking env1 in the texture tab. No idea what or why… Just cheer luck.
I hope that give you the desired render though.

I noticed that sometimes when you mess thongs up in the blend file you get that kind of error. It looks like it's JavaScript but it really has something to do with your file. Last one i can remember was caused by an image i created in the editor but didn't save. It worked perfectly in the viewport but couldn't export. I warned me about undefined something as well.

Good luck!
18 March 2016 13:05
Ok great.
I am not very confortable with JS in Blend4web so i copy past from different tutorial to meet my need. So the process is a bit slow. I wanted to know before i tested that if it had the slightest chance of working.
Thank's a lot.
18 March 2016 11:54
i remember you once told me that the node tree coudn't call JS function ans JS functions coudn't influence node tree.
But i wonder if i start an animation with the node tree can i stop it by calling a JS function?
I wouldn't be modifying the node tree behavior. I was thinking of looping a animation with the don't wait option. But to stop it within the node tree is going to be hell.
So could a stop animation be called from my JS file? Does it sound OK?

Best regards,