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06 February 2018 12:14
up ?
01 February 2018 18:14
thanks for your answer.

How to edit the value with javascript?
My goal is to activate or desactivate the tiling with one button.

01 February 2018 12:49

First : thanks for you awesome work, love blend4web.

On a project i want the possibility to activate or stop tiling on a texture on a cylinder. The goal is to be able to make the image all around the cylinder or not.

I want to make it possible via javascript, like be able to activate tiling or stop it, and scale texture if necessary. Scale is not a problem, i succeed with multiply node, but tiling?

Thanks for your help
20 December 2017 01:55
Finaly i did it ! Thanks for support, you save my day !

Thanks Vlad
18 December 2017 12:16

I have to make a demo with blend4web, and i need help to make simple textures. I said to my boss it wasn't a problem, but after working on it i cant find the way to make it. Smallest price possible, i have to pay with with my own money :(

I 'm trying to make a texture with blurred effect , like this one, only the blur
I want the possibility to change the color too.

I want to put a transparent image on a cylinder like i explained it here :
The goal is to put a png alpha image on a transparent colored object, so we can see the back of the image when you turn the cylinder, with transparency for the cylinder only

Feel free to send messages for more informations, i need to show this working friday

16 December 2017 01:25
could you attach your blend test file working ? thanks
15 December 2017 19:23
ok thanks. :(
I will try to find a workaround. I appreciate the time and effort you made to help me.

My project is to upload png image by user et to put it on an almost transparent object (like a color semi transparent object).
15 December 2017 18:42
i dont understand why cube behind is showing up, but not the backface of the texture.
Z offset doesn't solve the problem, because it modify blenderlogo opacity

If someone solve my problem, i will pay him a beer :p
15 December 2017 13:19
[EDIT] After playing with it, cant make it work with a colored texture. I think i explain bad what i want.
I want to replace the stars in your example with a multicolor image (like blender logo png)

thank you for time you spend to help me.
I'm trying to make a demo with your framework to show the power to my boss, and then purchase it :p
15 December 2017 12:04

I need to work hard on blender nodes, cant figure how it works.

Thanks for support, good job