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18 March 2016 11:49
Ok. I found a couple of examples. it shouldn't be to bad. Thanks for the advise.
11 March 2016 14:16
Hy i'm trying to fugure out how to use multi touch in a project. And i am wondering if i could use it in Blend4web?

I for example am wondering if i could check if i'm touching two objects at the same time to trigger one animation.

Thank's in advance!
10 March 2016 11:03
I want all these phones IRL now!
Well done everybody!

Mentalist i hope you will be in the next one. I really just put my entry in a couple of hours, got lots going on in my blender stuff lately, but i managed to spend a couple of hours every night this week. I wish i had a better understanding of textures before I started it took me forever to get it working, and it's not at best but, it's there anyways.
10 March 2016 03:59
Hy all. I finaly had a littel time to propose something for this competition. I am glad i made even if my project is quite ruff around the edges and lot's of optimisation should be done. The good thing is that i learned a lot about Blender and Blend4Web ( they are still thing i need to workout…).
Anyway, without further ado

The Zip

04 March 2016 16:44
04 March 2016 15:35
Thank you.
I got mixt up between material slots and selection… Found the right way two assign each material the desired faces.

What i really wanted was to assign different material to different faces.
I look at your blend file. That answers exactly the next question i was going to ask. Thank you very much.
Can i use your blend in a tutorial? I was thinking of doing a video on UVs and That.
04 March 2016 14:09
I'm struggling with textures. I can't fin a way to have two different textures on One object… I wonder if it is possible in Blend4web?
I have different UVmaps buts the textures is always the same on both sides of my object…

I isolated the object on a layer. Maybe i should do different object for each side of the wall. The conflicting materials are murSalonBibli and MaterialChambre.

I would love some advise!
29 February 2016 12:23
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We get a day of every 4 years! Thats good enough for me!
26 February 2016 11:05

Set up bigbluebutton and make it live online :) or i can set you guys up a webrtc live feed with a chat for users to feedback if you guys want, ill take care of the signaling.

Thanks for the advice! Indeed we have to think about video streaming.
Oh yes you do !
I really would like to be able to profit from the different talks even if i can't make it.
04 February 2016 13:26
Here is an amazing video out of a amazing series witch i think nails this problem quite well and why it is so difficult to get right.

I have this problem in blender viewport with window on a house model. If the window is selected i can see inside if not i see through the whole house…