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04 February 2016 00:12
OK thank you very much.
I don't really like all the rotation math it's sorcery to me. I wish i knew more about all that "greek stuff"

I hope i can work that out.
03 February 2016 23:57
Yeah. If you had known a bit of BGE it could of made sense. I am not quite sure what you are planning to do but you will need some JS if you really want damage and things like that in your scene. The main issue with the node editor in mys opinion is that is cant sens collision or read external variables. The good thing is that it is quit easy to get things done in JS. I am planning on porting a few BGE experiments i did in Blend4Web so i hope this will give me enough skills to be of help!

02 February 2016 23:33
Hello. I am building a new project.
I took some control from Petigors tale and some from the fps jungle scene.
I control forward and backward from FPS with W and S. I use Q and E to rotate. I kept A and D for lateral translation for the moment. I may refactor that layout later.
But my problem is i try to parent the camera to the player with

m_cons.append_stiff_trans_rot(camobj, character, [0, 0.4, 0], [0.707, 0, 0, 0.707]);

But the camera never shows up the right way. I don't understand how to use the quaternion parameter and i am not confident if it really is XYZW or WXYZ(like in the propertys panel)

In the end I cleared rotation on the player and the camera but now the player goes backward with W…
I'm a bit confused.

02 February 2016 15:54
You might want to look at my script is this file. It's really BGE i'm planning to make it in Blend4Web but you got like the basic algorithm.
I'm quite sure most of this can be done with logic nodes.
The car flicks a bit. It seem to be due to the table material. Just delete it if need be.
02 February 2016 11:12
So in most cases one might want to use emptys and parenting. That way by rotating parent you can apply a arch rotation to a object.
This sound lot's of fun !
01 February 2016 22:30
Hy i had a look at it this afternoon and i came to the conclusion that in world space you go somewhere in the world space. So unless you move again to another place going to the same space again won't involve any movement. But in local space the object is always a it's own origin so x=1 is always 1 unit further. So to move every time you shoud use the local space. Not sure about parent though i didn't look yet.
hope this helps.
29 January 2016 13:22
Looks awesome as usual. Can't wait to try new nodes !!!!
28 January 2016 00:04
Ok thank you so much! This makes all the difference!

And for the JS i found my mistake i commented the 2 lines calling controls but i should of only commented the one for camera control…
I am very excited with this. I hope to add all sort of interactions in this app. You will here of me again !
27 January 2016 16:46
OK. I'll try that. I really didn't understand the difference. Sound obvious now.
27 January 2016 13:09
I'm using the project manager ! Re export secenes. I manage to change behaviour of objects like static to dynamic so i guess the export works. I'll can't check for other collision cause if i don't go straight through the floor i have a horrible flicking effect happening. It happen with the player object if not static.

The house collision if messing up the seen. Triangulated wesh not supported ! Turned house collision of and it works.

Only could you please take a look at my JS i can't get the movements to work.