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10 March 2016 01:07
Edit: Okay, since many people are posting beyond last-minute submissions, I will post mine as well.

There is so much more I wanted to add in terms of interactivity and description, but essentially the concept is:
A smart phone with a screen that wraps all the way around the device, and can be unwrapped when maximum screen space is desired.
It also includes dual panoramic cameras that each capture a hemisphere of the environment and then use and algorithm to stitch the "equator". The result is 360°x360° panoramic photos and videos - yay! It can take conventional photos from both directions as well, in case you eager customers are wondering.

Behold… µ-tation Phone.

Click the body of the phone to see the HemiCams and Wrap Display demonstrated.

View the presentation
Download the source files

I wanted to create a "concept" phone with features nobody has seen before. This has been fun!

08 March 2016 05:56
Excellent! Thank you, Evgeny!
I learned a lot from studying your node setup.

I didn't realize that node keyframing was supported at all in Blend4Web, and I thought the B4W_TIME node was the only way to animate materials. Is this a new feature? It's very useful!
07 March 2016 16:41
Yes, voxel23 - that is the effect I am referring to. I'm not sure how it was done, or if it might work with 3D scene textures.
All I know is that when I tried using a 3D scene texture with nodes it didn't work.

Wait… as I'm typing this I just thought of a workaround for my particular case.
I'm still curious about whether 3D scene textures can be used with material nodes, but if they can't I have another plan.

07 March 2016 05:28
If I have an object that will use a 3D scene as a texture, and I want to "wipe" across it to transition. Can this be done?

I was looking at the helicopter demo, how when the user clicks on a number the parts are revealed gradually with a gradient. Would this work for a 3D scene texture as well?

Below is the effect I'm going for. Although I made this with Blender Internal and an image sequence texture, not Blend4Web and a 3D scene texture:

I tried creating a node material to mix between the material using the 3D scene texture and a simple diffuse color material, but it did not work. Maybe 3D scenes as textures cannot be used in node-based materials - and if that is the case, I am wondering if there is another way.

06 March 2016 16:50
This is such exciting news!
Although I can't arrange for an overseas trip right now, knowing that that you're starting to hold these conferences gives me something to look forward to in the future.
04 March 2016 21:13
Thanks, Ivan. That's right - I had forgotten that B4W uses a different sort of camera targeting system.

The post was this one.
Now that I'm reading it a second time, I think Pavel was referring to the transparency.
But when the original poster (aworkofmarc) posted, I think he was talking about the position of the camera when he said "way off".

Perhaps there was some misunderstanding here. :-)
04 March 2016 18:33
I read in a recent post that there is some discrepancy between Blender's camera and Blend4Web's camera. I have also observed this in a test I did.

I don't understand the technical reasons for this, but today I thought it would be useful to have a tool in Blend4Web's Viewer for getting the camera's current Loc/Rot coordinates, and maybe putting them in the clipboard. Using this we would be able to align our camera in the Viewer and then plug those coordinates into Blender.
04 March 2016 01:59
Thank you, Ivan! It's working now.

I don't see any mention of that step in the manual. Might want to add that, as other newbies will surely be as confused as I was.

This is a really cool feature, by the way.
03 March 2016 05:38
Hi! I'm trying to create the effect of having a 3D scene as a texture, as described here in the manual. I think I've followed the steps exactly, but it's not working.

The only part I don't really understand is: "A project should contain at least one scene which is not rendered by any other scenes."
Does this mean I should create a third scene, and that one will not be rendered, but it somehow helps the other two to be rendered? I tried this too, but it didn't make a difference.

Here is my .blend. If someone could point out what I did wrong I would really appreciate it.
29 February 2016 19:30
Thank you both!

@Konstantin: Of course - I can just model an object to be the sky! I've been so focused on World materials lately I missed the most obvious method.

@Mikhail: Oh, cool. I hadn't got that far with the Pyatigor's Tale tutorials, but I had wondered how the lava was created. Animated UV maps… cool.
Looking forward to the material you plan to share at the end of this week!