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14 January 2016 02:00
I created a new project. The code works. It's something to do with expoting Json i think?!!

If i want to find information or education material for javascript programming with Blend4Web what should i bee looking for?
I already found a couple of video on higher order function. That helped to understand manifold and how all that fits together. Is their a keyword or something that could help me?

Also i have to get a little familiar with the IPA. I haven't done much more than launch a couple of functions to change DOM elements in a web page… Nothing like building a webgl app !
14 January 2016 01:47
Hello everybody.
I am trying to understand the manifold structure. I created a simple project. I created the starter files with the project manager. I edited the JS file but nothing seem to happen. Even if i break it on purpose nothing happens in the console of the web browser…
Any ideas?

An Zip of the project is attach to this post.
13 January 2016 23:28
Great results ! The entries are of amazing quality. I hope i can finish my next projects with such professionalism !
11 January 2016 11:49
But I hope, they will (if they will) take place in very rare cases.
Don't worry! I'll find out wherever they hide!

Sounds awesome already !

11 January 2016 11:42
Well the select(deprecated) node saved my life!
On the scope of the variables maybe a global scope could be a option for new variables ( not the R1 -> R8). That way the build in register variables would stay private and shouldn't create concurrency and new variables with a global scope would be explicitly declared as global by the user. That should keep the problem at the lower level possible but giving a option to use two or more simple trees and avoid noodle hell like a submitted for the Xmass competition

I would love it anyway. Because with the select node with the do not wait option i had to add a lot of conditional jumps. Switch select is much more convenient to use but you would need a global scope to achieve what i did. (or collision detection with nodes)

Anyway, enough chatting, i think you must have understood my point by now.

Thanks again for the help!
11 January 2016 03:33
Hey finally got there!
Really quite a modest little project.

I had lot's of fun doing this even though if you have a look at the Newbies question forum you might see how much i struggled with nodes.

This is my entry to the contest and my resolutions for this year is to get hold of manifold and do more B4W goodness
Heres a link
10 January 2016 22:30
Ok. Thanks for taking the time to try to workaround my problem.
I don't know if that would the easiest thing to implement but if variables could be kind of public so that they could be seen in another tree would solve most of the cases i can think of.

Would the select node with do not wait enabled go for a miss output automatically if nothing happens?
10 January 2016 17:52
I know exactly how you feel… I think i'll give a last try on JS but… I'm not sure i can get it working that way.
10 January 2016 17:34
Well I tried to tackle my collision probleme by in stead checking a variable at a certain time ( based on the duration of a particular animation) but when i setup my nodes i cant get a functioning tree. I got a no subtree problem then the loop was only triggered if i played the character control so it wasn't checking for the variable on time or it screwed the export…
Here is the blend. I have a first tree to control the character another tree looping and increment R3 to 40 so that after 4 seconds i could check where the character is. I now where he is by checking R1 in the first tree. I did the loop hoping that i could switch from one tree to another but the switch select stops everything until i click…
10 January 2016 00:29
But how?
They must be a solution with a Timer…
Hope i can make it!