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10 January 2016 00:03
Thank you!
Can't wait to see new nodes.

So if i understand well : one could mix Nodes and JS like we use sensor and actuators and Python in BGE? That would really rock!
09 January 2016 00:01
I have Two entry points in my node-tree. Is it possible to check a variable declared in one tree in another?
My tests make me believe that each entry point has independent R1 R2 R3's variables…
08 January 2016 23:58
Ok looking forwards to it !
08 January 2016 23:56
I totally understand. It was more of a way to try to avoid going full JS. It looks like I will have to act like a big boy now.
Nevertheless I really think that you could, with a few extra new nodes, be as powerful as the BGE. Specially with the all node 2.8 promises… Did you ever think of that as a opportunity? Interactive web is like the future. By future I mean Tomorrow not next year

I have controls for my character in a node-tree. Can I detect collision trigger a animation in JS while keeping controls in node?
08 January 2016 15:51
Is it possible to trigger a node tree with javascript?
08 January 2016 15:47
Well… It is a huge node setup. I have also the 5 second lag. Sometimes worth.

Maybe you could use the switch select to limit the number of entry points in the seen. I guess that could help as select is noted deprecated.

Are you using 15/12?

I really wish they was a way of building something like functions so that you could just have the setup once and then add node with different field as arguments.
08 January 2016 13:57
I have a problem with your widgets thingy's in the HTML file . My screen is 4/3 and half of the widgets or out of the window. It is to 16/9 dependent i think.

I'll take a look at the blend now!
08 January 2016 13:46
In fact I figured out I can do it with a always true conditional jump. I plug all the output's of my branch that need to go back in the switch select into a 1=1 conditional jump and send one single output back to the beginning of the loop. So… I kind a request an existing thing…

edited for typos.
08 January 2016 13:40
I just thought that it would bee amazing if at the end of a branche when checking several conditional nodes in stead of having douzens of reroutes going back to the input of same first switch select node i could switch them in a special node that would connect all the rereoutes into one output that would then go back to the input of the desired node.

Maybe you have a strong reason not to do that? If so let me know
08 January 2016 13:33
Ok solved it!
Well let's say that it works with several armature_B4W_BAKED animation. With ObjectAction i could only make one work at a time. Or not a B4W_BAKED and an Action. So i added a bone to my seen and baked a simple 360 rotation that i was trying to do directly with the object. Why not? Now that i figured how to bake animation why not take advantage of it?

As always thanks for the good work B4W team !