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27 January 2016 12:02

@LukeVideo Sorry that I can't offer any advice for your issue, but I am curious and want to ask - what is the benefit of using FBX?
Well none… It's just a kind off portable export from 3DSMAX. It was mandatory in a class i took last year to model in 3DS and Export to Unity. So it really about what file you need in your workflow.
Now i have this FBX file and i was hoping i could use it in blender and Blend4Web.

I've studied in detail your scene but I haven't seen any object with collision setup on it. Can you describe what you want to achive? There can't be any problem with fbx format because any collision setup you must do in Blender, so you can export any mesh, animation and simple material setup using fbx, but then you need to do all scene and collision setup in Blender using specific blend4web parameters. Have you seen this example?

OK I followed the FPS tutorial. Got the camera to constraint on the player object. But i coudn't get the floor object to collide. (didn't even try with the other objects except the table, in fast preview you can push it around.). So i added the big rectangular thing under the house to try with another object in case FBX was not behaving correctly but it made the camera flick up and down really fast.
If there are no collision it may be because i tried all sorts of combination to get it working i migt have ended messing it up.
I will give it another try today but it might as well start from scratch if it doesn't want to work…

I am trying to do a simple scene where you could explore the house with FPS configuration. As simle as that… for the moment !

Oh and i noticed the screenshots where not exactly matching my blender2.76b version of the physics tab. Some naming convention changed.

27 January 2016 02:07
I am trying to make a simple FPS in this scene.
Here is a export of the project. I added a cube with collision under the ground object because a go through… But now it's worst it flicks. Maybe their is something obvious i forgot ? Maybe this FBX file is just a pain i i better start from scratch?
26 January 2016 01:05
Yeah! I guess i neglected to move FBX and textures into the app folder.
25 January 2016 17:58
sure !
The FBX in in the same folder than the .blend and the textures or in a folder within the project to.

Well well well. I tried reassigning the roof texture. So i unwraped the roof faces and uv mapped then. Bingo! all textures are back !
25 January 2016 17:40
Hello to all.
In my latest project i am using a FBX export that has UV textures. In the viewport it works fine. But in Blend4web in the browser everything is grey.

I tried to reassign the uv texture via node editor but I didn't manage.

Any advice?
23 January 2016 02:27
The different colors are used to pack different image in one file. Try to unplug the far left node to see what it looks like without the geometry or uv.
You can also see the each color chanel of the texture are reassigned to the R G and B channels of new nodes and act ase Tree different greyscale images.
hope it helps. And don't really understand much more!

EDIT Oh and there another image packed in the Alpha channel !
17 January 2016 02:21
Happy to help !
15 January 2016 13:41
Take a look at camera bottom target! You must have modified it inn edti mode. So you modified the way the vertices look but not the origin of the object nore it's orientation. Moving to this object means going to the center of the scene with Z up.
You might even consider trying again without emptys…
Image attached.
14 January 2016 13:43
I am going through the tutorials but with no functional programming skills i am like WHAT? How does that make any sense. I understand each little function but the way they build up together in manifold was quit obscure. I managed to make a collision detection after the example in the documentation here so i guess it's not that complicated after all. Even though it did take me some time to figure it out..

One thing i know about blender users is that some like me can start using it with no programming skills and start from zero. I hardly knew what a variable was before trying to use the Game Engine. But blender is awesome and we always manage to get things done!
14 January 2016 10:53
i discovered by accident yesterday that the move to node takes i account the rotation of the target.
I used a torus for testing. I didn't like it laying flat on the ground so i rotated it 90 degrees. Then when my moving object moved to it on the way to the Torus it rotated 90 degrees in the same direction.
I'm not sure but maybe you could parent the camera to a empty and use a move to node to move the empty and use move camera to change the target of your camera.
Kinda Hachy but well… I noticed, sometimes, strange camera behavior regarding the orientation after a move camera i wonder if it is caused by a kind of reset of the rotate values?