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08 January 2016 01:21
I am doing a scene in witch i need two animations to play simultaneously. I had one looping at the root of my node tree. But when i added the run cycle on the armature of the character the first animation stopped.

Blend attached.

Thank you all for your precious help!

08 January 2016 01:15
Hello everyone!
Happy new year!

I am building a mini game inspired by infinity run game. I cant figure out if i can detect collision between my character and object's in his way via nodes.

I fear i have to mess with javascript… I will read the code of the cartoon room first!
08 January 2016 01:07
Maybe you should consider reversing the animation in blender as a second action and trigger 2 different actions for this task?

Sorry i answered to another post, from another site. Tired probably. Need to sleep more i think.
06 January 2016 13:13
try this

Maybe this answers part of the question?
Haven't tried anchors yet.

05 January 2016 14:04
Glad to help ! I struggled to. But it's all in the release notes…
Good luck with your Blend4Web"ing"
05 January 2016 11:27
Do you mean the viewport alignement tool described in the release notes of 15.12?
If so you have to parent the object to the camera. Select object then Shift select camera and press CTRL P.
It creates a new tab in the objects property panel. But you have to parent it first.

/!\ the viewport align aligns the ORIGIN of the object !

I use a empty parented to the camera that i parent the object to. That way you can easily control the offset of the object.

A video is a the way ! I love this option !
15 December 2015 20:13
In deed. It's just that i hadn't asked for startup files. I'l start again then!
15 December 2015 17:47
It's a scene object. It's clickable buttons that trigger animations. I would like to animated the fact that it's pressed by moving it on it's X local axis.
I was thinking of animating an empty and when i click one of the buttons i parent it to the empty a launch the "press" animation.
I use something similar with the object that are animated by showing the selected one. But it always is the empty that is really animated the objects just follow because they are parented.
I'm not sure i'm very clear…

Also i was wondering how do i add a .JS file (obviously i can do that ) and make blender be aware of it when i export the scene???
Do i have to add the link in the HTML file every time???
14 December 2015 18:09
Thanks for answers.
I'll just consider red line as Christmas decorations

Regarding the switch select… Of course! Thanks Fedor Mastikhin.
14 December 2015 13:47
I am curious of why some connectors get red? Is there something to understand. Is something wrong?

Also i would like to understand and prevent the fact that my setup make me click once for the first object, two for the second, three for the third and four for the last one.

Here are a screenshot of my layout with red lines and the blend.

You have to click on the cylinders to launch animations.

Best regards