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14 December 2015 12:27
I have a scene to showcase a few models. I used button object to launch a animation on a empty. I parented all models to the empty and hidden them. When i click on a button the object is shown is animated with the empty wich is parent and then hidden again.

Is there a way of animating the buttons by parenting the one that is clicked to an empty and unparenting it at the end of the animation. In the node editor would be best but maybe it has to be javascript?
10 December 2015 23:07
the consol throws out
Found hi-entropy localStorage: 463.1728988800479 bits "" b4w_webplayer:../../assets/interactivity/iq_test.json example.html:65:1
B4W EXPORT WARNING: Object "BezierCurve" hasn't renderable data. Converted to EMPTY.

EDIT Self solving problem… I didn't authorise blend4web to hide the mouse cursor…
10 December 2015 23:05
Hello i just tried the Jungle Outpost on firefox running on Fedora22 64bits and the mouse doesn't controle orientation at all. I'm stuck going back and forth or left and right.

If you need any more details tell me i would be glad to help!

09 December 2015 00:51
Et moi et moi je peux aider aussi?
Je veux bien mettre la main à la pâte/patte ?
08 December 2015 16:44
Ok. Thank you very much.
I will have to ask a lot of questions on the forum then !
I hope i can understand the engine fast then!
08 December 2015 10:48
OK Thanks.
So when you export the seen with blend4Web it's also rendered with Blend4web therefor you can't use another engine on top. Right?
I want to learn a more about WebGl. Most of the books i have seen are using Three.js. I guess it makes it easier to explain WebGl than really coding pure WebGl.

As long as i know what is possible with Blend4Web.
08 December 2015 00:48
Hy just a quick question about something i couldn't figure out.
Is it possible to use Tree.Js or should one only use Blend4web. If it's stupid but OK i can understand. I wanted to know if the libraries are compatible or not. Maybe Blend4web is easier to use? I just have no idea.
I guess i must start to read documentation now.

05 December 2015 00:12

We are going to add a lot of interesting and useful examples in the future.
Defenitly looking forwards to that!
04 December 2015 13:25
Well… This is embarrassing… I might of used the replace node the wrong way up?
Glad to see that it works. Hope i can now get it to work for myself!

I must admit i hadn't undertood the material had normal as well. I thought it was normals replacing Bump Map.

Thank you so much for the help!
Now back to making AWESOME !
02 December 2015 18:20
Ok got it working!
Thanks for the tip!
The problem i had was i was trying to see the normals in the quick preview… That doesn't seem to be supported yet.
EDIT : it does… I didn't setup my node corrrectly…

Best regards